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I thought it was one of those St. Sanders videos until I read the comments and everyone was saying it's real. I almost cried Is this for real?

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I'm not gonna lie, goin' mobile looks like Sebastian Bach in the eighties.
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hahah, hilarious, it says he was drunk? seems believable to me, thats just about how i play when i'm completely tanked
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Yep...I got that Atlantic 40th concert on VHS...it's real. But, the rest of the performance isn't nearly that bad. It's not great, but definitely nothing like that. I agree with the one guy who made the you tube comment saying he thought there was a sound problem. Like only a dry-miked cab was heard. There is almost no gain or effect of any kind on that. I know Jimmy Page never had a massive digital rack full of effects, but he definitely has always had at least a little color on his tone. Whatever, though, I've seen great performances from the man as well. He said, himself, that he was smashed during that performance. There have been a couple of times I've had a few too many during a gig and once I got to the smashed point, I had a hard time playing a bar chord cleanly. My band laughed their asses off at me!
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It's because he's the best.
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