I'd rather flush my money down the toilet
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Yeah....same with me. That looks horrible.
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cmon guys, he didn't want your opinion on the guitar, he just wants to know how much it is, be respectful of this guys decisions
not seen it before. i like the design and i'm not really metal :-P
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it's about 300GBP in a shop in town.

convert that to whatever currency is relevant.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
Tattoo "i'm a douche" to your forehead. You'll prolly get more respect with that than if you get that guitar.

And to answer the question. i think they run for 300
Around 400 euros in italy, but quite a waste of money. I love Warlocks but this is just a dishonest way to cheat on slayer fans. The pickups are horrible and the neck feels incredibly cheap, the only good thing on that guitar should have been the kahler trem but I guess they got a cheap version of it too. Plus the graphics look even cheaper than on the pics. For that money you can buy a far better guitar and if you want a cheap bc rich go for those fixed bridge warlocks and with the same amount of money this one costs you can buy a couple of better pickups too and end up with something better

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Warlocks are one of the guitar shapes that I will never understand why they're popular.

because little kids see poster of their favourite bands guitarist playing it therefore they think any model released by that brand will make them gods or they just like it for some ungodly reason.
too much for what you get.
anything over $500 for that thing, you might as well spend your money buying firecrackers...the fun will last a lot longer.
They dont sell those around here

if you go for it get one w/o the decals