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When your practicing guitar, what do you think your doing? Your studying and your applying it to your instrument. While I am by no means an expert in guitar or music, I am knowledgable when it comes to education and learning.

It works like this. Say the goal is to play song X at 200BPM without a single mistake. I will practice one hour a day. You will practice in a 4 hour block. Another individual will practice for two one hour sessions a day, and a fourth individual will practice in one 2 hour block. It should take me the least amount of hours to master the song followed by the individual doing two one hour sessions. It should take you the most amount of hours to master the song followed by the individual doing a two hour block. However, because I only practice one hour a day, it will take me considerably more days/weeks to do it (But I will have spent less time actually practicing it). It will take you and the other individual less days/weeks, but many more hours.

I guess the point is to find a good balance that your happy with.

That does make sense but like the guy below said,
People are just going to want to play it as soon as possible.
And when I practice 2-4 hours btw, it's not just on one song.
I'll try writing or different techniques that I'm not so good at..
Im at just about 3 months. I can play Californication (Whole thing) and Ironman excluding solo's. Apart from that, I just know to many riffs than I care to name, and some scales and chords.
Some day's I feel like im horrible and I can't do anything. On those days, I just play Californications and stuff and it makes me feel better.
Some days im really focused, that's when I learn new songs and scales.
For a while I felt like I wasn't progressing, then today, I was suddenly able to play "keep your hands of my girl" after practiciing with no progress for about a week.
You just have to stay determined, and results will come. And remember, I am WAAY WAAY worse than you.
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How would practicing one hour a day give you better results than say 2-4..
I practice for about 2-4 hours a day compared to people I know that play an hour a day, I am like Randy Rhoads to them.
The only thing I know that is better to do for shorter times is like.. studying.

If the person practing one hour a day is making better use of their practice time than the person playing 2-4 hours a day the person practicing one hour a day will improve more. It's not how long you do it it's how well you do it.
Well if you think about it in a generalisation everyone learns and picks things up at different speeds.

I've been playing guitar for just over 2 years, i picked up rhythm playing straight away it came very natural to me, but lead I've not been so quick on the pick up, its something that i still practice each and every day.

Practice more often, take a look at the lessons on UG, maybe get a band going (i found my playing developed faster when playing within a band environment) and you'll soon see your playing develop into what you want it to be.
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Dude don't worry it just takes time. You just have to figure out what works for you and what doesn't when it comes to practicing. For me personly just sitting down and practicing exercises for hours on end and using a metronome didn't work. I've tried it and I just didn't enjoy doing it and because I didn't enjoy it I found that I was always tense and had bad posture and I would also hold the pick the wrong way when ever I practiced. And because of this I started to develope a lot of bad habits and it was a real pain to get rid of them. So after a while I just stopped practicing like that and I guess you could say I stopped practicing all together and just stopped worrying about getting really good and started to just play and have fun with it.

What helped me get better though was just learning to play songs I liked and that used techiniques I wanted to learn and then trying to play along with the actual songs and if I couldn't do a part of the song I'd just play that part every once in a while or whenever I was bored and not worry about learning it right away or doing it perfectly and I'd eventually get it down. Another thing that really helped was playing with other musicians. The main thing I would recomend though and the thing that helped me most is to just play and make up your own stuff on guitar and develope your own style/sound and also if you like the way a certain technique sounds try and incorparate that into your playing and if it works than great and if it doesn't than who cares don't stress over it and who cares if people don't like what you're playing as long as your relaxed when you're playing enjoying what you're playing and having fun with it thats the most important thing. Hope this helped in some way.
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I'm not sure was I was able to play after 6 months, but it wasn't a lot. Didn't get many lessons and such, so after 6 months all I could was probably baisc chords and tuning the guitar ^^

My advise is the same as M_Conductor. Don't worry too much about techniques and scales yet, the important thing is to play. Find some songs you think you can play and play them.
First advise I got on guitar was to just play 10 minutes everyday, and I think that helped me, though I always play more than 10 minutes :P
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I've been playing for almost 11 months now. I am probably just as sloppy as you are. But nobody can become a great guitarist overnight. It takes time. Practicing is the most important thing you can do. And I really only practice for a hour (though sometimes I just play for half). I'm pretty terrible and I have no shame admitting it. But seeing that I like to play the guitar, I keep going. Don't let people tell you to quit since you're not good. That's even more of a reason to keep at it.
For the first 3 YEARS I was crap.

And now I'm merely average.
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just play with all your positive energy..the more you will like playing guitar the better you will will take more then only 6 months
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