I just wrote the main riffs on a song I composed. This sounds a little bluesy to me, because of the tempo i guess!

The end isn't finished, I can't wrote the last riff perfectly, so it sounds really weird.

All critique is welcome
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This is so funky! Really enjoying it.

The bass is very cool, really gets you feeling the rythym.

The solo is pretty awesome.

Shame about not being able to write the last riff proper cause the rest of it pwned!

Would you mind checking mine out? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1102534

PS. You should've gone into one of the competitions with that cause it's a really strong song.
Damn, this is funky. Not a big fan of the verse, something about it seems a little off in terms of guitar. The bass works well in it though. That pre-chorus is absolutely sextacular, goes into the chorus really well.

**** yeah part B, that sounds absolutely awesome. It's a great progression into the solo, which is also great. Comes back into the chorus well. Outro riff....sounds like Opeth - White Cluster for a second then starts getting all disjointed. Has potential though if you get the timing right. I messed around with it a little, it sounds good if the low E is just normal eighth notes and then the stuff on the D and G strings are dotted eighths. This is only for the first bar in the riff though.

I really liked this, the grooves and the leads are just great. Thanks for the feedback on my song, I'm not really thinking of writing lyrics to it, as I usually write music to lyrics. It's meant to be more of a instrumental to go behind something.
Thank you guys!

I've got two more song to write down on guitar pro (a heavy song, and a ballad)
this is song is really awesome. i love the funky yet bluesy feel throughout the whole song. reminds me of wolfmother and a little hendrix. solo is awesome. the last riff is weird but i think i can see what you were trying to go for.
not much to crit. fix the end. add some sick drum fills.
nice! you could really feel the beat through the whole song. pre-chorus was pretty neat. really good use of chromatics/bends in the solo. the outro felt a bit odd with the dotted-eigth notes. pretty good though, keep it up.

also, crit?
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