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Hey, so i see a lot of people using line 6 pods for recordings. I have a Zoom HD 16 recorder and I just feel like some of the presets especially for the guitar distortions aren't what i want. So how are the pod's. I've seen them used in a demo recording by senses fail and I always see other people using them too. Just want some insight. Thanks... steve
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I've had success with pod XT & pod X3 both sounding awesome. The bonus with pod x3 is that you could record four channels at once 2 effected and 2 clean then use the line 6 amp farm plugin to audition different amps effects stacks if your not happy or need to add a little more to get a bigger sound. hope this helps
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they are very good and can be had for a pretty cheap price (for some of htem anyways)

i'd stay away from POD 2.0's and Pocket POD's as they are good but not as good of quality in comparison to their other POD's (podxt and x3)... the cheaper pods are not awful but are just average.

if you are using it JUST for recording on your computer i'd look in to the POD studio's which can be pretty inexpensive (for the GX version) and give you access to good quality modeling and you can purchase extra models on the line 6 site too. (just be warned that pod studios are for use on a computer only so if u want one you can take with you or use live i would not consider these)
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I have a pod X3 I am never happy witht he sounds i get out of it . In all fairness thats beacuse i usually play out of my halfstack and use effects pedals and I dont spend much time messing with the digital effects on the pod. I just like my amps non digital signal with real pedals better. It is handy for recording though. I have some samples in my profile of the pod X3 recording acoustic and electric in my profile. I dont really like the tone. Live sound from my amp is so much richer but oh well.

I didnt try the method you suggested clinical. Maybe I could get better results if i spent more time recording and messing with the pod. I usually just play without it so im not good with it.