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I have noticed that many bands nowadays are gimmicked beyond compare into writing songs/riffs that give you nothing to think about. Personally, I like the kinds of bands that give you an emotional response, or make you think...and mean something overall.

What bands do you like that do this? I would have to mention Coheed and Cambria (see avatar of course); even though they are a concept band, they show much passionate and/or psychological merit. Others would be Incubus, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, System of a Down has some great songs like these, Mastodon and Tool.
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Lamb of God, Kreator, and a lot of other metal bands offer their observations on society and the times. also, a lot of REAL rappers do, too.
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For me, 30 Seconds to Mars is like that. So is 10 Years, who are one of my favorites. Flobots do the same - some of their stuff is inspiring.
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Trivium does a lot too. The Human Abstract writes about real stuff, and seconding the above, much of hip-hop and that genre gives good insight into political and social ideas.
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I second the fact that metal bands have some of the most thought provoking and deep lyrics...

With no fan base to essentially worry about impressing, they can write whatever they want, which normally makes for some VERY good writing...
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Brand New
Bloc Party
Texas is the Reason

All have some great, meaningful, thought-provoking lyrics.
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angels and airwaves have a positive message in most of their songs.... very inspiring
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also some bullet for my valentine...hearts burst into fire, say goodnight and tears don't fall my favourites. I prefer the acoustic versions of them.
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The Smiths
Joy Division
Gang of Four
Dead Kennedys
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Quote by TJ1991
Manic Street Preachers. Full of gimmicks, but one of which is deep lyrics.

I'm actually listening to Autumnsong at the moment, coincidentally enough! It's amazingly uplifting and great to listen to, I must say.

I would have to say that most music has meaning in its lyrics, so you could be here for a while listing almost every band in existence if that's the path you're going to follow. However, for "ultimate deep-ness", I'd probably nominate Armor For Sleep and Gatsby's American Dream as two of my personal favourites.
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If you despise the fakeness of people, scenesters and the 'cool gang', then id definately reccommend The Cribs.
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Quote by zephyrclaw
I'm actually listening to Autumnsong at the moment, coincidentally enough! It's amazingly uplifting and great to listen to, I must say.

As catchy as it is, it doesn't really make my point. Probably the least meaningful Manics song ever.
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Nevermore, Kreator, (Early) Metallica, Rise Against, Atheist, Warrel Dane...and several others
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Bob Dylan
Rage Against the Machine
The Police
Rise Against
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