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Okay, so i'm downloading music... Legally of course through Zune..

and I'm looking for something new

I listen to anything from melodic death to progressive to jazz to blues to flamenco to thrash.. well you get it

I'll listen to any type of rock or metal..

Any suggestions?

There's no point of me putting all the bands I already do listen too cuz that's over 300 bands to name sooooo just name some and chances are I haven't heard em.. who knows

thanks in advance!
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The Black Keys, they're a bluesy rock two piece.
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high five drive, cancer bats, billy and the lost boys. if your only downloading songs at a time i suggest soundtrack for war if your going to dl any billy and the lost boys songs
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Cynic from the traced in air album
so awesome
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download comets on fire, dr. dog, galactic, minutemen, fugazi...pretty wide variety of awesome bands
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Streetlight Manifesto, Bad Astronaut, The Weakerthans, Fugazi
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put in your favorite band into a pandora radio station and look at some of the bands it comes up with. thats how i find some of my music.
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I'd have to agree with The Black Keys. Anything off of The Rubber Factory album. Or Dan Auerbach's new album is real good. Maybe try The Gaslight Anthem. Schoolyard Heroes are awesome too. Cursive's The Ugly Organ album. Ugly Casanova. Modest Mouse's Lonesome crowded West album.

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Thanks for all the suggestions! The only band I listen to of these is cynic so thanks for the wide variety!