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*Little King Hunter has split. Details in last post*

Read full bio on Little King Hunter Online

Little King Hunter was a 4-piece hard rock band based in rocky-shored Halifax, Nova Scotia. Formed in the fall of 2008 by JohnnyV and Luke Deveau, both artists wanted to create music that was stylistically unique and rich with texture. It wasn't long before bassist Mike Akerman completed the band's foundation and serious writing and rehearsing took place. Influenced by artists such as Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd; their music has soaked up the best aspects of hard rock, psychedelic rock and progressive metal.

[original post]:
New band to the East Coast scene (specifically Halifax NS). We came together in October of 2008 and we're just looking to play whatever sounds good. All original songs drawing influence from bands like Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and ZZ Top.

A few gigs under the belt, one more confirmed on the way (July 17th at Coconut Grove). Check out our MySpace.
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For those of you who frequent UG from the HRM area in Nova Scotia (or if you're gonna be in Halifax NS on the 29th of July) we're headlining the Tribeca Club. More details on our MySpace and the LKH Profile in my signature.

We have some video that turned out pretty good from the last Coconut Grove show. Those will likely be added to the MySpace soon. Pictures have also been added to the UG Band profile so have a gander.
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Latest developments:

We are hosting our own SHOUTcast radio station to promote our music (for the sake of content, we are also gearing up with local maritime bands as well). You can tune in at and search the station"KingFM".

Our 2 demo tracks are done! After 10 studio hours the recording aspect is complete. Luke and myself will meet with our engineer (Chance from the Shambhala School) to master the tracks a little bit before they hit our myspace, SHOUTcast, local radio stations and venues.
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Hello Internet,

Demo tracks from Shambhala School are DONE! The songs we decided to record were Zombies! and Skipper. Check out our MySpace or UG Profile for a listen. You won't be disappointed.

These tracks should be up on the SHOUTcast ASAP and please feel free to comment on the tunes/blogs regarding the songs. I can promise there will be more to come.
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I didn't think I'd be back again so soon!

The SHOUTcast radio stream KingFM is online and currently streaming! Here's how to listen:

1. Go to from your browser
2. Search KingFM in the search field
3. Click the yellow "Tune In" tab to the left of the results

I'm still figuring out some details about direct links to our SHOUTcast server, but you are all encouraged to share these directions with ANYONE and EVERYONE. WE NEED MORE MARITIME CANADIAN CONTENT! Please get in touch with me so we can arrange getting a hold of your songs so they can be on KingFM as well. We want to showcase local tallent for the whole world to hear.

Until next time
Yet again, more promo work.

You may be familiar with CBC Radio Canada. Well we have a profile on there now as well. We are also streaming our demo from CBC New Music Canada and we should have a hard copy of our demo in the hands of this radio station very soon.
Fellow UGer's and Cell-phonians:
Zombies! is available to for download as a ringtone for your mobile phone *free of charge! Visit and search "little king hunter". We aren't a super popular search yet but the tune is there. About 20 seconds of the bridge of our latest demo release Zombies!.

*While we do not charge for the ringtone, your cell phone carrier may charge for any data usage the download requires.
Is this for the birds or what?

Little King Hunter now believes that we are important enough to be followed on Twitter! I can honestly admit that joining the stupidest social networking conglomerate available is out of sheer boredom at work. We will update on shows and events as well as the random BS that goes on during our practices.

Click here to visit our Twitter profile
(haha just read my post about Twitter! F*ck Twitter)

anyway, LKH is going back into the studio next week to start cutting tracks (not wrists) for our debut album. It's gonna be awesome. Shambhala School here we come!

Only other news is another in the next coming weeks. So if you're a UGer and you're going to be in the HRM area of Nova Scotia on these dates i recommend you come out and get rocked. We have more that are tentative for early December, but we'll stick with this for now.

November 28th - Club 1668
[from vEdit]:
November 29th - Reflections Cabaret
[latest vEdit]:
xxxCANCELLEDxxxDecember 11th - Elephant & Castlexxx

Thanks to everyone for all the hits and song plays on all our sites! Keep it coming.
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Hello once again UG!

I'm very pleased and proud to report that this upcoming Sunday (December 13th 2009), Little King Hunter will lay down the first of our base tracks for our debut album. It's an extremely exciting moment and anyone of you who have already tried/succeeded at this understand my level of excitement.

I can't tell you what songs we will feature, but i can tell you we will be including the 3 tracks on our MySpace. Feel free to have a listen and leave any remarks on what you think. Always interested in constructive criticism.

Also, thanks to the 22 of you who have downloaded our Kingtone! Visit from your mobile browser to get in on the action.
Little King Hunter is a band from Halifax that was formed in 2008 with the intent of creating music on its own terms. The idea behind the band is simple; to make music that is distinct, meaningful and challenging, not only for the audience but for themselves. In the absence of music and art that really speaks to and for them, they simply make their favorite music for themselves. They are not satisfied with the "same old same old" and they purposely strive to colour outside the lines. There is more to come. LKH plan to record some new material in 2009 and play as much as humanly possible.
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Any Grooveshark users on here?

If you use Grooveshark you can now search Little King Hunter or either of our demo tracks (Zombies! and Skipper) and add them to your Grooveshark play list.
Latest news: We're back in studio (hard) to get this first album out!

I urge everyone who checks this post to listen to our demo at any one of the following locations in my sig (if you haven't heard it yet). If there are any UGers who would like a copy of our release, PM me and we'll work something out.
Latest progress report:

We're still alive and well. Lots of studio work finished, but lots more to go. Should have a lot of guitar tracks cut by next week.

We're playing at Joker's comedy Club tonight (for any UGer's in HRM of Nova Scotia). Also, we have a tentative date for Battle of the Bands at Club 1668 in the coming month. Stay tuned. Also, some minor edits to our MySpace and UG Band profile, so keep checking in.

Also, i know it's been mentioned in our band stuff but thanks a lot to Robin Denyar for all your photography work. Thanks guy!
Very nice songs, quality of recording, and general feeling!

The vocals could be a bit better, but still, the guy is obviously capable of more!

Good job, and rock on tonight!
Hey UG!

Sh*ts been busy! Lots of studio time in but we need more. I'd say we're about....25% of the way to our release. Estimated time of release is June!

Also, due to lifestyle changes and scheduling conflicts, we have had to part ways with our drummer. Any UGers who may hail from HRM in Nova Scotia are welcome to contact me for an audition. Dedication is going to be your key.

We have two more gigs coming up (we shall play with or WITHOUT a drummer!)

Thursday May 27th - Club 1668 - Battle of the Bands
Thursday June 10th - Club 1668 - Hard Rock Show

vEdit: first show date has changed
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Couple of details for the UGers here!

We have found a permanent full-time drummer to complete us! Shane Pardy will debut tonight at Club 1668 in Halifax NS for our set. Shane is a monster drummer (that means he eats other drummers are their kits for breakfast, followed by their wives and children for lunch and supper).

Also, LKH advanced to the final round of Club 1668's Battle of the Bands. A little late announcing JV, but nevertheless, it takes place tomorrow (June 11th) at Club 1668.

Studio Progress Report:
We're still working. I really hope to have this thing done by the end of this month.

Stay loud UG, very loud!
Some statistics from us...

Item Downloads
Stone and Gears (Wallpaper) 1
Zombies! (Ringtone) 212

97 plays between April 3rd 2010 and July 2nd 2010
Zombies! 66
Skipper 31

As well, some depressing news. Due to a lot of scheduling conflicts this past month, new drummer and serious lack of funding we're being forced to delay the release of our CD. We're going to try and tug some strings and do what we can to have some professional material out as soon as humanly possible. I know there area few UGers who have requested a copy of our work and I sincerely apologize for the extended delay, but these things take time and effort and we want to release the best product we possibly can.

I encourage you all to share our links if you really appreciate our stuff as that may just help speed things up. If anyone would like to comment on our work, make a promotional suggestion, request a copy of our CD or help us out in any fashion at all, please email me directly - with "LKH" in the subject (please).

Thanks UG, for all you have done to make things happen.
This summer, is not the summer for the King...

Bassist Mike Akerman wrecked his car. Jams are on a serious low and shows are almost impossible.

We WILL be rocking out at Chesapalooza in August with our friends Overnight Enemy. See our profile/MySpace for more details on that. Gonna be a raging good time.

Studio Session next week to finish off the musical aspect of our release. Getting closer guys
This is an excellent post.

We have 100% finished the recording of our first CD! The self-titled record will consist of 6 of our best tracks and is going to be available on the Internet and in physical copy very soon. If you want a physical copy, you can drop me an email with your request.

For about 80 hours worth of work, I am more than impressed with the final results.
SO pleased to say this...

Our CD has be RELEASED! Hear two of our tracks on our MySpace RIGHT NOW! You really won't be sorry.

This plague will spread and hopefully quickly. You'll soon be able to stream us in your favorite locations and anyone who wants a hard copy feel free to email me. They're going cheap and fast.


Obviously your feedback is all welcome. It will be best delivered to
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^Thanks theyellow, kudos are always welcome.

That being said...

- we're waiting on the money for hard copy CDs, wait patiently guys :P
- as mentioned above we are on Facebook!
- October 22nd we gig Club 1668 with The Green Reflectors
- Coming soon: LKH hopes to participate on a Battle of the Bands that may land us the opener for Finger Eleven's upcoming Halifax show!
hey man, its been awhile!
i checked out your band awhile ago and you guys were great, but youve even progressed since then! your stuff sounds awesome

we just got a new vocalist in Sleepsoil, and we're working on recording an EP. we've definitely matured alot (musicwise at least ). we've got some new tracks we cant wait to get up!

and btw i especially love The Knocking. prob my favorite so far
^Thanks for the props dude! Excellent!

I am pleased to announce that we have received and sold out of our first run of CDs in 24 hours! We have another batch on order and they should be available Thursday. I have 3 international requests right now but i'd be happy to fill more. Don't worry about shipping nonsense, this is about music!

PM or email me directly and we'll arrange something. Cover art of CD below

Little King Hunter plays Battle of the Bands III at Club 1668 in Halifax tonight! Any UGers from the area are invited to attend! Details:

Doors open at 9, show starts at 10
$5 gets you in the doors, booze is on you
Paying cover gets you one vote for a band
Each subsequent drink purchased gets you another vote (etc etc etc until you're drunk or poor)
We will be selling a very limited run of CDs tonight as well as we are "backorded" so to speak
Woo! First post for 2011!!

- Webpage has been updated! Archived our 2010 news and the Roller Derby Show pics have been uploaded!
- Back in the studio!! Full-length record on the go and progress is great!
- We're LIVE this Friday at Monte's Showbar in Dartmouth (Waverly Road for the local UGers) Show is FREE ADMISSION, starts a 10pm with THE TOWN HEROS. Come out and rock out

EPs are totally sold out, but if you cry and beg, I'll press more!
Sad news for May of 2011:

It is with great sorrow that we must announce the departure of our founding bassist, Mike "Makerman" Akerman. He will be missed and each cheeseburger we consume will remind us of his ridiculous antics and amazing musicianship.

We are still looking for a bassist, if there are any UGer's in HRM that feel they are up to the task.

We're still working very hard on polishing up and finishing the tracking for our latest record, you won't be disappointed. Of course if you want a hard copy you should get in touch with me.

We also have live tracks from our last show with Mike up on Grooveshark. You can suck on our sweet live tits by searching "little king hunter" on
Updates for the fall!

Well then, we have found someone to support our bottom end. Everyone say hello to Shaun Cowell, who will be taking up Mike's old post as our bassist. Welcome aboard Shaun.

Also, this have progressed nicely in the studio for us. Our upcoming release of "The Queen of All that's Holy and Obscene" is being finalized with tracks and almost ready for mastering and mixing!

Also, since we have our bass back, we'll be playing LIVE again this Friday at (where else) CLUB 1668 in downtown Halifax-town! Details are here:

Friday, September 9th 2011
Doors open at 9:00pm, first act scheduled for 9:30pm
$5.00 cover at the door

Voting works as follows:
1 ballad to vote for paying cover
1 ballad to vote per drink purchased
2 ballads if you buy doubles
4 ballads if you buy pitchers

You can help us pick the time slow we play by visiting the following Facebook poll and voting for Little King hunter

The Rise Facebook event is here:

Thanks to everyone on UG who supports us. Expect more updates in the coming weeks.
Hello again!

We're looking to get some radio play on one of our local stations! You can help by visiting the radio's website and "liking" our songs!

Go to:

Scroll down to the "now playing" box

Click "Live Underground"

Like Little King Hunter!

Where have we been!? What have we been up to!? The answer:

Gigs, website re-vamping, more gigs, approaching the release of that long anticipated album, and...the Van Awards! You can help us get to the final in this local to Halifax series by voting 'Kool' for us and a 'Pass' on the other bands. Visit the Van Awards site for that!

Your help would be sincerely appreciated! Thanks to everyone who has been checking us out!
New songs available! Loaded Up and Goodbye to Yesterday

We have just released 2 songs from our newest record Queen of All that's Holy and Obscene. You can stream them at the following sites and they will be available for purchase soon.

CBC Radio3

Rock hard UG
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New tracks available for purchase as well! You can download our two newest mp3s for .99 cents a pop from CDBaby ! Get your ears dirty wherever you go.

If you have any issues with your downloads/purchase email us at and we'll try to take care of it. You can also email us with your feedback, write a review on CDBaby or post it in this thread.

Rock hard \m/
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