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Purchases, lots of streams and more fans! Awesome

We even went from #103 in our local RN hard rock charts to #60 n just a couple of days (not that it really means much, but it's still buzzing).

Thanks to all UGers for their support! Keep sharing and rock hard \m/
QOATHAO available for purchase from our friends at!

Still haven't heard it? Well, we'll forgive you this one time. You can sample the tracks at the link above or just listen away by searching us on Grooveshark or visiting our RN profile:
Just a quick post to request the assistance of any UGer's who are extremely active on Facebook/Twitter.

We have a chance to start getting regular radio play on a popular station in our area, but it will be determined by the buzz generated about the band. You could do us a huge favor and visit our Facebook page and give us a like, follow us on Twitter and even share some links if you feel so inclined.

Facebook Page:
Facebook Profile:
Twitter Account: @lkhband

Thanks any and all who buzz us up!
2 shows down in March! Looking to hit the road this summer. Stay up on that new website for more deets!

Also, we added 7digital to our list of online distributors

vEdit: Also, down to a hot number 19 on the local RN hard rock charts!
Gig in Montreal! We're finally getting out of province! Friday, August 9th at Piranha Bar. Additional details TBA

That said, we're trying to hook up a gig in Quebec City the same weekend, so if anyone from Quebec City is looking to fill a bill on Saturday, August 10th, get in touch with us!
Dear Friends and Fans of Little King Hunter,

For a combination of personal and artistic reasons Little King Hunter is disbanding. It is with great regret that we announce our break up, having been a group for more than 5 years.

We would like to extend our greatest and most sincere appreciations to everyone who supported us through show attendance, music and merchandise sales, radio requests and online votes. We also want to thank all of the great bands for sharing the stage. Thanks to all the venues who booked us and thanks to everyone who collaborated with us to take photos, draw artwork and build online resources. A special thank you goes to Chance Gillis and Fred Lee of Omni Art Studios because without their knowledge and patience our music would have never seen any kind of medium.

Our music will continue to be available for stream and purchase online (ReverbNation, iTunes, etc.) and our Facebook/Twitter/Websites will remain active for some time.

Although we are going our separate ways, we are all going to stay committed to the industry in some way. Feel free to reach out to us, stay connected and see where the music takes us.

We couldn't leave without going through the archives and bringing you all one last song. Please enjoy "Lie Down to Die"; originally intended for our first EP.


Little King Hunter
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