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OK so I tried searching and was surprised there wasn't a thread on this already. I somewhat noob starting out and i was wondering in your opinion what are the 5 must have pedals
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1. Overdrive
2. Delay
3. Wah
4. Envelope filter
5. Flanger

For me, anyway.
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It depends on the style of music.

But I'd recommend you an EQ and a Tuner one.
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1. Wah
2. Overdrive
3. Delay
4. Compressor
5. Chorus
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I only really need 3


But if it was five, I would add either an EQ, Delay, Compressor or Tuner.

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1. Overdrive
2. Treble Booster
3. EQ
4. Delay
5. Wah
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inb4 "10 band eq, boss tuner and peavey vypyr pedal thing"

i'd have envelope, overdrive, chorus, delay, flanjoy
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My two cents.


Those two are really the only ones that are almost universally used. Rounding out stuff I use-

4.Reverb if your amp doesnt have it.
5. Compressor
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For me it's
1)tuner (dosn't have to be a pedal but it's the most useful )
2)Distortion (my amp really dosn't get an further then a slight od so i actualy run two dist. both digitech hardwire. the regular gets me more classic tones from night ranger-metallica and then the heavey metal pedal for LoG and opeth tones)
3)od (i use it for O.A.R. types of tones)
4)wah (great for just messing around with solos or i use it alot to play power chords and slowly move the wah up and down create a cool phase sort of sound)
5)chorus (use it for when im doing upper fret licks much like that short thing in the verses of laid to rest)
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1. Overdrive
2. Wah Wah
3. Fuzz
4. Delay
5. Compressor
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1. OD
2. Boost (if the OD isn't a good boost)
3. Fuzz or dist.
4. Delay
5. Modulation of your choice
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Fuzz, fuzz, fuzz, fuzz, and delay.

XD +10000
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OD, Chorus and Reverb are the only effects I use
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noisegate, all I need

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1. Tuner
2. Wah
3. Delay
4. Chorus
5. Overdrive

i don't NEED overdrive with my amp, but it makes it a bit nicer.
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Depends on musical style, but for me, it's something like this.

5.Delay/Octave (tie)

The main effect I really use though is OD. It can help turn a good amp into a great one!
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The Kevin Shields list:

1. Reverb
2. Reverb
3. Reverb
4. Reverb
5. Reverb

I notice nobody has mentioned a channel switch for their amp? That's pretty important IMO
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After a quick jam a few minutes ago, I have to say the Fulltone OCD is one of most favorites pedals ever.
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DL4-all you ever need

and a tuner and an amp with a footswitch
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A distortion = ProCo Ratt
An overdrive = Ibanez Tubescreamer
A delay = Boss DD-3, or any boss digital delay
A chorus = Boss Super Chorus
A wah = Budda Buddwah or Jim Dunlop Crybaby
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1. Overdrive
2. Chorus
3. Wah
4. Delay
5. Fuzz
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1. 10 band eq (in the loop)
2. overdrive
3. chorus
4. delay (in the loop)
5. wah
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Actually i think i would have 6.

1) EQ
2) Wah
3) Reverb
4) Overdrive
5) Delay
6) Chorus

I already have the EQ and the Wah but soon i hope to get a new amp (without reverb or effects) so i'll need the others. I suppose you could also add a compressor to that list but i'm not too sure on what it does tbh or how it affects the tone, can anyone shed some light on that?
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Quote by TOMMYB22
Actually i think i would have 6.


Quote by TOMMYB22
I suppose you could also add a compressor to that list but i'm not too sure on what it does tbh or how it affects the tone, can anyone shed some light on that?

No worries
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I only use fuzz, delay and phaser live though. I tune by ear, and havent found an overdrive I love yet.

It all depends on what style of music you play though.
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1- OD
2- Wah
3- Tuner
4- Delay
5- Noise Reduction/Phaser (which means either noise reduction OR phaser)
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Quote by madh4ttr
1- OD
2- Wah
3- Tuner
4- Delay
5- Noise Reduction/Phaser

That's six!
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