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And i was wondering if i could get some guidance or help from my fellow UGer's.

Basically i need to write a paper with a thesis, so a straight up biography won't cut it.

I need some ideas for what i can write the paper on, and if anyone knows any good articles i can use. Right now the direction im taking the paper in is that Hendrix more or less influenced modern rock music as we know it. Yes not a thesis, but i'll probably be taking it in that direction. I don't know how I can get 10 pages out of it, but I'll have to try. And i simply cant write " LOL HENDRIX WAS TEH BEST!!!11" (even though he was imo, but thats another topic)

Anyone have idea's or suggestions that i could possibly try to expand upon in this paper that can help me prove my point, or even just some friendly words of encouragement to help me try and write this thing (which is due tomorrow, procrastination ftw)?
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Write about his style, and his tone, and how he revolutionized rock.

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I hope you've done some research.
You're going to have to plot it out a little bit I think, and talk about how he created a lifestyle and how he lived and died by it (sad but true) and how he revolutionized the way guitar was played. Even though he technically wasn't as extreme as papers made him out to be at the time (he only smashed guitars a couple times, for instance), he still created the attitude by his legend alone.
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yea i've got all the books about him from the library sitting on my desk in front of me, and some good websites too, so i've got some decent research.

Im going to talk about obvious things like his tone and the effects he used, then dabble a bit on his lyrics, and maybe touch on how LSD might have played a factor. Talk about the monterey and woodstock performances

Its just i dont know what my main point should be. Like, what should i spend most of my time trying to argue and prove in this paper? Or maybe it would be a good idea to use all of the above to try and use as examples to prove that thats how he changed music?

Man i'm just nervous as hell and want this damned semester to be over already...
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a thesis statement is basically a statement of your opinion, which you then go about proving.

just say hendrix changed rock music and helped make it what it is today. then you can go into detail about his growing up, forming the jimi hendrix experience, his gear, his influences, the things he did to change the way the guitar is played, etc.

you can also include quotes by hendrix, and also by other guitarists talking about him.
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k, i just finished up the intro (which i managed to stretch out to a page) and came up with this for a thesis. let me know what you guys think...

"Jimi Hendrix’s revolutionary playing style, tone, and performances drastically altered the style and attitude of rock music in the late 1960’s, and proved to be an inspiration for nearly all modern rock guitarists."

Think its too broad or will that be good? I can probably write 10 pages on that in no time since it will allow me to cover so many topics.
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I think Hendrix influenced his contemporaries far greater than anyone on the modern rock scene.
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Well first of all, coming from a journalism major (LOTS of English courses and ****), I'd say you really need to come up with a strong thesis. Once you get the thesis kind of map out your paper, I know it sounds dumb, but it really works. So let's say your thesis is: Jimi Hendrix changed the way in which modern music is played and performed, that's not a terrible start. Then map out certain categories you wish to talk about such as his actual playing, stage performances, famous shows/concerts, cultural impact etc. So your thesis could be Jimi Hendrix changed the way in which modern music is performed through his guitar playing, stage presence, (and list out your main points).

That's just a rough idea off the top of my head. It may help to write down your thesis, then under that just jot down some main areas you think could help out your argument-and then you can go into the specifics of each one in your actual paper.

So one quick point you could make could be something like: Hendrix used some examples of a diminished fifth, then elaborate the significance to this to some music that would come later (ie: metal). Just an idea haha. Good luck on your paper!

EDIT: just saw your post. Your thesis isn't bad-but remember a thesis statement is supposed to map out the gist of your argument. I think it's just a little to broad, when making a paper which requires a thesis it's a good idea to pretend like your almost writing to somebody who knows nothing about the subject.
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