Hi everyone,
I just finished learning "a whole new world" from tabs I found on ultimate guitar and I really like it. I searched quite a lot for more disney pieces arranged for fingerstyle guitar and I could only find books for sale (which is a problem for me because I live outside the US and Im going on a 3 month trip in two weeks, and thats not enough time for shipping).
Anyways, I would be really glad if you guys could help me find arrangements for these songs.

PS- Im not looking only for disney pieces, Im looking for any fingerstyle pieces that can keep me entertained and challenged for my 3 month trip.

Theres a really cool video of a kid playing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on guitar, and it doesnt seem to hard, but I have yet to find a tab for it. Try that, its actually pretty awesome.
just do a finger style or finger picking search on this site. There has got to be at least 4 or 5 floating around that ive seen.

a couple of my favorites (sorry, not disney)
classical gas - clapton or emmanuel versions (or any, there all basically the same)
Laid to rest - Dont know who its by. Just found it a few days ago on this site.
45 - shine down (not all fingerstyle, but still fun for a bit)
going to california - zepplin
broken - seether (easy, but chicks like it)
tears in heaven - clapton
nothing else matters - metallica
street spirit - radiohead

these arent ALL hard or challenging but are good practice none the less and fun to play.

some really easy ones are :
wake me up (when september ends) - greenday
romanza - misc.
dust in the wind - Kansas, easy, maybe difficult for novice in this style
wonderful tonight - clapton
secret song from Dookie - greenday (suoer easy loop, not really finger style but can be)

I dont know if this is 3 months worth but it should keep you busy for bit.
thanks alot!
but you see, Im looking for full songs that are arranged for fingerpicking, that I can play solo on a guitar, like Somewhere over the rainbow by Tommy Emannuel.
I've been searching this site too and no luck yet =P
I play the above solo. They're not all solo pieces however. you should look this up at least

LAID TO REST - THE SHOWDOWN - this has become my favorite song to play at the moment. There are two (or three) little parts but the main "finger picked" section is good on its own. I got the power tab and deleted the other parts to isolate it. Seriously though, i dont think you'll be dissapointed.