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i ****ing hate this ****ing place, i ****ing hate being an exchange kid. if i new it was like this i would tell every **** who said it was awesome to shove it up their arses..this place is too ****in cold i just wanna go back to my family and friends in australia in the nice ****ing heat and the nice ****ing weather, i hate this ****, go **** yourselfs...
A little bit of f*cking respect goes a long way. Im not military, i respect my peers but i dont appreciate being ignored, talked down to or being treated like a peasent .

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you made my day

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bada bing or whatever he's called. EPIC WIN.

Mighty Blades
You interest me.

We've been friends for so long because I'm performing a long term experiment on you, you're my emotional guinea pig because you're so damned emotional about everything. You have no hindsight nor foresight, you're purely in the moment.

You rationalise things with broken logic. You know you're arrogant but you continue the same nonetheless. You cheat, you lie to everyone, you take pride in the belief your better than everyone, including me. You don't intend to rectify any of these points so I merely smile and observe as I see you becoming the man you're to be....

This is funny, you're so easy to figure out. All of you are. You're all my puppets to dance to my tune and if you don't, you lose.


Why didn't I meet you later in life? We could have been happy.
Metal is incredibly overrated. not necesarily bad, just very, very overrated.
this morning, there was a guy talking about how "in a perfect world, tool would be billionaires" then went on to name all these "good" metal bands that deserve so much fame and dont get it because theyre doing something "different". I mentioned wes montgomery and Bach and got a bunch of blank stares from the retarded circle this took place in. Its not always bad, just so many people who like metal dont realize the difference between liking a band and that band having skill.

i dont say this much cause everyone at school is a semi-retarded metalhead and i am a 125lb. pacifist who has this "retarded" idea that jazz and classical musicians are the best.
good times
I'm not a f*cking verbal punchbag! If I wanted people to treat me like sh*t, then I would make that f*cking clear!

there, that feels better
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


Alex (mcfreaki)
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You don't know what's going on in my head, or in my life, and to think you do based on exaggerated half-jokes I've made to you and then act as if it's my fault your attempt at a self-esteem-destroying-rant-about-how-pathetic-I-am failed due to it being full of ridiculously misinterpreted bullshit, is a bit gay or something.

Srsly. There's always more than one possible motivation behind a person's actions, and if you make assumptions about peoples' motivations and find you can go on a rant about how hypocritical and self-contradictory they are, chances are that's not because you're just smarter than them and they never noticed it, but because you've gotten their motivations wrong.

And considering some of the shit I've forgiven you for in the past, in one instance a year before you bothered admitting to it and apologising for it, I can't see why you're so upset that I was rude to you on MSN when I was drunk. Unless of course you used that as an excuse to go on your rant, in which case, fuck you too, and fuck your delusion that you know what's going on in everyone else's heads.
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Why is your vagina a no-go area for my penis? Please change this state of affairs.
Micheal Everson is a FUCKING FAGGOT

You don't know shit. We can all see you're bull**** coming out your goddamn eyes every time you say ANYTHING. I don't think I've ever even heard you say enough true things to count on one hand, you lie so much. You're an obstinate little asswipe, you're 16 years old, still in Grade 8, you would be in grade 7 if the teacher at ALP didn't take pity on you. Yeah, you're too dumb to pass stoner school, God forbid attend a regular public high school. You dumb fuck.
More about Micheal.......

Just 'cause you're stepdad bought you a PS3 doesn't make you top ****. NEWSFLASH, millions of people have them, I bought mine with hard earned cash, which brings me to the fact that you've only ever had one job in you're ****ing life, and for all of about 4 days. You're totally incompetent. Life is not a competition. Noone cares how you're new "house" is so nice, BTW it looks like a crackshack both indoors and out. And yes, Mike, ALL the women can tell when you lie to them in hopes that they'll have anything to do with your ugly ass. You waste an hour of my ****in' life arguing about how Cannibal Corpse is **** and then suddenly you love them as soon as a sexy bitch likes my CC t-shirt? Fuck You. Assclown.

You turn EVERYTHING into a competition, and then, in succession, an argument, and finally, a waste of time and breath, just like when your mother gave birth to you. A waste of time and breath.

You're miniscule brain seems to have a peculiar ability to morph anything that is said into some perverse, untruthful version of what is actually said. Apparently, you just don't get it.

Actually, I think that pretty much sums you up. You always miss the point by just a little bit, you just don't get it. We're not calling you stupid, even though you are, we're trying to illustrate the point that you think you're God, that you know it all, and MICHEAL IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Actually, you're just a stubborn moron. Listening IS a legitimate way to get people to LISTEN to you.

I could go off for hours about this kid, but it wouldn't do him justice. I'll do my best to post a vid of him one day so you ALL can see how retarded he is. He's the DEFINITION of retarded.

Also, stop following me everywhere, I'm not gay for you, and even if I was into dudes, you're ugly and grubbin' as fuck. Skid.

BTW, if you don't actually smarten up, we're all gonna kick you're ****in' ass. Remember when Cody smashed you out, a kid half your size in weight and height, and you didn't even get one shot in, after you act all tough in front of that chick? Remember when AJ broke your nose, one punch? You'd think you would learn after a while.

OK, I know this is a friggin essay, but THIS IS ACTUALLY FUNNY. You see, the reason AJ smashed busted this kid's nose was because he said him and "his buddy" killed a cop. Yeah, he actually expected someone to believe that . So all the rest of the kids at Darcy's are gettin' ready to **** his **** up, after he bull****s all night and we all know not a word of it is true. So AJ's tells Micheal to stop ****in' around, because everyone knows he didn't kill a cop, and THEY were gonna smash him out. Micheal's all like, "I'm not lying" and starts mouthing off, so AJ's like "C'mon, lie to me again" so Micheal, categorically and untruthfully, says him and this guy actually killed a cop. One punch, man, AJ jumps up there like a ****in' jackrabbit and socks this kid one dead centre in the nose. So Micheal comes back over to my house, covered in blood and looking like he's half black from the size of his nose, and tells me that he smashed AJ out. Now, judging from the evidence, I believed him, until the next day when I heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

So I talked to Micheal about it a few days later, and at first he says that they actually DID kill the cop, and I call bull, so he changes his story to THEY just beat the cop up. No buy, kid, that'd STILL be all over the news and you're white ass would be serving time. So, now it's HE just punched a cop in the face and he and "his buddy" (still unnamed, numerous queries result in nothing) peaced out in the cruiser. Still WAY too far fetched to be true. So, finally, about half an hour later and half a million lies later, I think I've got the truth pieced together: Micheal's full of shit. Obvious from the start.

So, anyways, now that I've worn you all out with the UBER LONG RANT, I'd like to draw you're attention to the fact that this is only a few of the stunts Micheal has pulled, and he comes out with about 20 in the space of an hour or so.

And I haven't even gotten to how he freaks out like a spoiled brat when he doesn't have weed to smoke, or when someone tells him he's cut from the circle because he's NEVER EVER PITCHED, NOT EVEN ONCE, or how he talks to himself(??), or how he's just a ****IN' FIEND FOR ANYTHING SMOKABLE (see, I'm already ranting again).

I hope after reading this you guys want him dead as much as I do. Seriously, we have competitions when he's not around to see who can burn him the worst, and if he's being a real douchebag, we just rip on the kid right to his face. To give you an idea of how much of a fiend he is, here's one of the appropriate jokes we came up with --

"What do Micheal and a pack of rolling papers have in common??"
"When you've got weed they stick like glue"
Or, "They're both cheap, white, and you burn them on a regular basis"

ANYWAYS, yeah... Micheal's a goof.

BTW, your mom once told me that she wishes you weren't around. OUCH MAN. Your own mother. I ALMOST felt sorry for the kid.


BTW, sorry for the GREAT WALL OF TEXT . I just couldn't stop ranting, and STILL I don't think I've come close to giving an accurate description of what a 'tard this kid really is.

EDIT: And for most of you, who just skimmed over the page, that whole rant was about ONE PERSON.
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Jackson! you're such a f***ing @$$hole and nobody likes you! you think you're funny but you're not, you're just an annoying creeper. nobody likes you so go the f*** away!!!!

wow, that felt good...
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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You crushed me. You talked to him after we broke up. Would you still do it now after we're back together? Yes? No?

I asked you. You couldn't answer. You didn't know. You NEVER know. You NEVER answer. This is what I hate about you. Yeah, maybe I broke up with you for someone else... maybe it was cause of all that other ****... I don't even know... And it pisses me off.

I (selfishly) don't care how upset I make you, because you make me feel like ****. You constantly don't answer my questions, and while deep down I believe that you couldn't do such a thing, I ****ing hate you.

I ****ing hate you.

I love you. **** you bitch, but I love you and I'm not leaving... you ****ing bitch.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
Please stop with the jokes, you think they're funny, but they hurt, you know there are times when I can be compeltly irrational and out of sync with the rest of the group, and that is a reason out of my grasp and something I'm trying to work through, but please stop calling me crazy, or emo, I'm about to lose my temper with all of you and throw someone through a window (to all my friends)
1) i just want you to know how stupid and annoying you are. you sound like a ****ing idiot.
2) i really don't give a **** about what you have to say.
3) i don't really have any friends at all, but you have plenty, so **** off and go bug somebody else Dan.
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I'm sick of people treating me like an emotional tampon and assuming I'm a weakwilled and spineless person because I put other people's **** before my own. For the last 6 years of my life I've been the therapist for everyone I've talked to, and in the last year when I myself have began having relatively serious emotional and mental problems of my own half of the people I've trusted would be there for me in such an event have upsticks and left me.

I've nigh on lost all faith in humanity and the only thing keeping me sane is the fact that I still have some relationships which aren't either on life support or estranged completely. I've completely lost all faith in a higher power and am now reserving myself to the in all likelihood eternal nothingness that waits for me after I've become food for the carrion underground.

The closest circle of friends I have are currently under extreme turmoil because there is little to no trust between us any more. A guy I've considered my best friend for on and off 6 years is nearing the end of his tether with me because he hangs about my girlfriend more than I do. Just a week ago I had a very serious talk with him and showed him how I felt, and still he hangs about her like a bad smell. I'm pinned in place because my girlfriend has bipolar depression and needs friends, which she considers him even though it's glaringly obvious he wants more, despite constant assurance they will never happen, so I can do nothing to get him to back off, because guaranteed there would be choice details added to any confrontation we might have which could potentially destroy our relationship just as it's getting back on track.

Sorry for the wall of text. That feels better though

Any advice is more than welcome

Peace out
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You have amazing taste in men.

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
You're sick of me? Well, guess what Mom! I'm sick of you! I can't wait to go to college, leave this house behind, and do whatever the F*CK I WANT WITHOUT YOU CONSTANTLY NAGGING ME!

and to my ex girlfriend:

It's five months until I leave for college...yet you still think we should've ended it when we did? I think you have another reason...
...this is the last line of my post
Here's mine:

Give it a rest yous F'ing moron, you say the same thing 500 times and you really wonder why?
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Just to elaborate a bit further...

I ****ing hate you. I truly wish I never met you. It would be so much easier if I never met you. I would probably be with some nice girl who has never done any ****. Eventually she would get bored of me I reckon, and I would have Danni when she got back from over seas.

Danni is a great friend. I miss her.

But you... ****!!!

I love you babe, I ****ing love you. But **** YOU!!! Seriously, get ****ed.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
I think I have a split personality to a degree.

I have seriously opposite thoughts during the day. Changing from one point of view to another about that ****ing girlfriend of mine.

I hope I do have a split personality. I hope that some day soon, I go to the doctor and get diagnosed with it. Then I'll kill that son of a bitch rapist. I'll ****ing kill him. Then I'll blame it on my medical condition. Yeah I don't care if you don't want him hurt babe... to ****ing bad.

Too. ****ing. Bad.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
I'm in english right now. I hate this class. I hate my parents. Conservative christian bastards.
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This man knows his beverages.
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^somebody get this man 30 million dollars.
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I think I love you. I consider you a prominent UGer.
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I cant believe after all this time i still like you. I know i ****ed things up and i know i said some things that i really regret but after all this time cant you forget them? We're "friends" but its hard for me to be around you. You are moving and thats killing me. I hope someday to meet again. Please whatever you do be happier than humanly possible.
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I'll give you a break you ****ing bitch.

Let's talk to your rapist.

Hey **** face. I hope you know that one day I'm going to **** you right up... one day. I don't care where we are, or who we are with... if I see you again (which I will) I'm going to ****ing punch you. I'm not going to ****ing stop. If my gf is there she'll probably yell to stop. You ****ing raped her... she told screamed at you to stop too. You didn't stop, and I won't ****ing stop.

You are a ****ing dead man. You're ****ing dead. I'm going to knock your teeth out. Once I am finished with you, you will be one of those guys who gets funny looks. The really funny looks.

Little kids will be tugging at their parents shirts "Mummy what is wrong with that mans face?"

To which Mummy replies "That man raped a girl. He got ****ed up bad dahling. Real bad."

Once you live your life as the ugliest, most looked-down-on piece of **** you are, I'm going to **** you up again. I would even pay someone to kill you. I'm sure Adelaide has some people very willing to kill for a few thousand dollars. **** you.

I am going to make you pay. I'm going to make you hurt. You are ****ed.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
Get over yourself. Stop ditching all of us for your 'cooler' friends then complaining when we don't invite you out. You're so ****ing boring, and irritating to boot. Stop smoking so much. Stop trying to worm your way back in with us when you feel like it after selling us out for other people.


It was wrong for you to lead me on like that. If you didn't like me you shouldn't have flirted back so much that people thought you were the one who wanted it to happen. And now you're with someone else, don't come back to flirting with me unless you actually want something to happen. He's dull as ****, no one knows how you two stay together. You never even talk to eachother. But I'm fine with things how they are, you just can't go on acting in so many different ways.
I'm so adjective, I verb nouns.
No b*tch f*ck you, I won't stop. You will enjoy this. Shut the f*ck up and take it!
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I can't believe I trusted you like a brother. And now you've seriously fucked up my sister's life because of your stupidity. You're a sad excuse for a person, lowest of the low. Fuck you.
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**** You... just wanted to throw that out there one more time.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
to two people-

1. i thought you were alright. i knew there was something funny about you when you tried to hurt our relief teacher's feelings back in college in a preposterously intense and arrogant argument over something that she believed in. that time you walked into class, still brushing your teeth. funny. ha ha. i thought maybe you were having a laugh. she says that you're smart. she also thinks, like the rest of us silly mother****ers who have feelings, that you are a sociopath. does that stop her and her friends lining up week by week to **** your skinny white arse? no. does that stop you from using people? no. does that stop you from knocking some poor ****er down and bleeding his wounds into some ****ed up diary so you can fulfill some perverted ****in desire that i don't want to know, or that nobody else knows? no. you've used people, keep a list of girls to abuse emotionally and physically and mentally and drink ridiculous amounts and hurt people. alot. whoopee! essentially people are good. you're the first person who i can't see any good in. and all that above is your business, save one thing. one of your girls. leave her alone. she pretends she's strong, pretends a lot. she's disturbed by you and attracted to you, for whatever reason. she's hurting herself in ways she doesn't even realise.
leave her alone.
i think she loves you.

2. aforementioned girl.
you crushed me.
it's painfully obvious you need someone who cares. you changed completely. its a shield. its always a shield with you. i'm far from perfect, i'm nothing much. but you changed my life and taught me so much. maybe you actually don't need anything or anyone and he's good for you. maybe i'm the one thais crazy and i need you.
the next time you need to vent, the next time you want to see me again just call. i deleted your number and when i picked up the last time and asked who you were- i knew it was you.
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To any guy who has ever used a girl: I hope you ****ing die.

Quote by Våd Hamster
Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.

No one's going to buy that costume with you looking like that.

Damn, i know it's not even a good costume but you could atleast smile and wear it right, jerk.
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If you take a jar, and whisper what you want to hate into it, then close the jar, coat it in crunchy peanut butter, and shove it up your ass. I'm pretty sure you could hate everything after that.
To one of my ex girlfriends:

You hit me in the face. You threw chairs at me. You tried to stab me. You tried to stab my best friend. You took 14 months of my life and I'm glad you're out of it now.

Supposedly you train and do weights because you want to join the navy. I imagine you look EXTREMELY ugly. You always were ugly. Honestly, I'm not just saying that. You're ****ing disgusting.

**** you bitch.

Quote by Våd Hamster
Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
I like you lot, You gave me you msn, but you didn't add me back, I now your friend said that you never go online, so I looked you up in facebook, I found someone with the same name as you, different picture though. I add this person and she did not add me back, I just hope it isn't you.

I have been thinking about you since we met in june, that day in january when I saw you again at the mall, I couldn't believe my eyes, I couldn't believe that you remember me, I like you alot and the more I see the girls around me, the more I appreciate you.

I hope we meet again.
I'm sick of writing every poem and every song about you.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
For ****s sake, you hardly see him, you're closer to me, I have wanted to be with you for nearly a ****ing year now. He's probably better looking than me, I know he has a car, but holy ****ing ****, gimme a break. Maybe I could drop this if you didn't insist we were close friends. Jesus christ when you fell asleep cuddled up to me around a campfire that was the best and worst I've felt in ages. Ever since I told you about the depression I know I burnt all my bridges to you, I did it cos you were happy with the way things were. I can never tell you how I feel because of this. I won't get any meds for the depression because I can and will beat this on my own. Unfortunately, I think I've slowly fallen in love with you. I don't want your sympathy.

tl;dr: **** some dude called Mark, there's a chick involved, I have clinical depression (doctor certified, not the whiny emo thing).

Usually I'm of a sunnier dispostion than this. This thread caught me on one of the bad days. Thanks for listening.
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Demoralising women is just one of the many services we provide here at UG
I love you. I really do. That's why I worry. You've done stuff in the past with her, and I know you've talked about doing stuff with girls in the future too. But that pisses me off. I know you won't. At least I hope. But please don't mess what we have up over some urge with your friend. Please. Especially this weekend with the trip and all.

Also, **** your mum. She's nice and allows us to do a lot, i know, but she shouldn't be able to govern that aspect of our relationship. Go somewhere and get it without her.
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dreamtheater91 has destroyed my soul with that story

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i could never love your not so musical hands as much as i love his.
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fingers on piano keys so much sexier than hands clasping gaming remotes...
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I never understood why a girl would take a boner as a bad thing "Oh no, your attracted to me, you sick wanker." :\ x

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Im saying this the straightest way possible, but...

I'd have sexual intercourse with your anus.
You made me waste nearly two years of my life, crushed my self confidence and underappreciated me. Stop being so self absorbed and insensitive to other people. I know now though that it was a good thing we parted ways. Your outlook on life is messed up too.

Grandad, I love you, and not being closer to you before you died is probably one of the only regrets I have, and knowing what the last year of your life must have been like kills me. You are missed.

I'm not sure if I should post this.
So just SHUT your face, and take a seat,
'Cause after all you're just talking MEAT...

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
Flush the fucking toilet after you man, seriously. Nobody wants to come home to find a week old shit log winking at them from beneath it's semi dissolved toilet paper blanket. Also you left the fucking heating on so the smell is taking ages to go away.

You'd better keep an eye on your outside toilet man, it may not be soon, but I will have my revenge.
I've Made You A Drawing of a Giraffe Fucking an Elephant. Notice How His Moustache Looks Just Like Mine.

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You made me waste nearly two years of my life, crushed my self confidence and underappreciated me. Stop being so self absorbed and insensitive to other people. I know now though that it was a good thing we parted ways. Your outlook on life is messed up too.

Grandad, I love you, and not being closer to you before you died is probably one of the only regrets I have, and knowing what the last year of your life must have been like kills me. You are missed.

I'm not sure if I should post this.

I admire this post good sir.

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.