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a band called You Me At Six now i know most modern bands fail guitar-wise but my band covered "if i were in your shoes" and **** me the lead guitar in the chorus and pre-chorus was mind-blowing, what my lead was playing was amazing i never realised it, and then i started listening to songs like if you run, jealous minds think alike and found simulary great lead guitaring does anyone else agree it gives me a little bit of hope for new bands with decent lead guitars
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you got amazing lead guitar from you me at six:S
they've got a few catchy songs but i wouldn't describe them as having amazing lead lines lol
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The singers stupid accent puts me off of them alot, if it wasn't for him - They'd be an okay band. But alot of thier songs are crap, if I'm honest.

I'm not sure I agree with the guitar being amazing, if anything, it's catchy but really generic. The drummer is really good but he needs to stop using the same beats in every song and learn to be a little more creative.
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ok amazing may be a bit OTT but consider they are a scene band they have surprisingly good lead
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Amazing lead lines? wut? Neither technical nor original, or particularly catchy for that matter. Just bland.

And I neither like or hate, just don't care, and thats saying something considering they are local. They are so bland, once again a British band trying so hard at something Americans have been force feeding us for years now.
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