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hey everyone, I'm kinda in a learning rut and I don't know what new songs to learn to play. anybody got some suggestions? the type of stuff I like to play is Led zeppelin and black sabbath but I need more songs for my set list. anyone got anything?
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Maybe you should Try Deep Purple(Highway star, Black Night,...) Cream(Sunshine of your Love, N.S.U., ...) or ted Nugent(Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, Wango Tango, Wang Dang sweet poontang) i dont know if you play more solo or rhythm but these songs contain both, great riffs and good solos.
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Try some Eric Clapton or Cream (Sunshine of Your Love, Crossroads, etc...
Or maybe Had to Cry Today by Blind Faith, thats a kick-ass riff if I ever heard one.
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try some jimi hendrix such as voodoo chile slight return, purple haze or some lynryd skynyrd like working for mca, saturday night special or searchin
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oh well by fleetwood mac(peter green era), its really riff oriented and is fun to play, not too challenging but still has substance to it
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Satisfaction by the Stones is always a fun one!

Blue Oyster Cult has some pretty awesome Riffs too like Cities On Flame, Godzilla and Hot Rails to Hell