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So im a sophmore in high school and i have a genocide project on Rwanda. For the project we are presenting a powerpoint presentation and ill be the music behind the photos. Im playing stairway to heaven in the beggining but does anyone know another classic rock song thats sounds sad enough for a genocide project i can play?
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Pink Floyd?

Hey Joe- Jimi?

Layla-Eric Clapton?

Mind's Eye- Wolfmother?
(I know they're not old classic rock, but they still sound like it.)

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Layla acoustic would sound sick if we edit the arrangement of the photos to get happier at the end thanks=] im going to keep looking but its deff up there
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The vocal section of Echoes by Pink Floyd.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Floyd
Forever Young (slow version) - Bob Dylan
Not Dark Yet - Bob Dylan (This is my number one choice, actually)
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Do a very slow version of With God On Our Side by Bob Dylan.
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The Doors have very emotional music, maybe you could put in Riders On the Storm, The End or When The Music's Over
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Anything by Lady Gaga.

Her music is so emotional, you're guaranteed to put tears in the eyes of your classmates.

Plus she wants to take a ride on your disco stick.
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helpless by neil young or gimme shelter by the rolling stones