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I'm trying to find out the song and version recorded in which there is in the intro five whistles in a row, I think right before they start playing. The reason being that I just recently heard a bird make that same sound locally and wanted to show it to a friend that's a bird enthusiast lol.

My memory may be confusing me but I seem to think it's Boston's "Peace of Mind" though I could be totally off-base... either way I'd like to know which recording it was so that I can find it and show my friend.



Thanks for the reply, editing thread title.
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Free Bird has the slide guitar that sounds like a bird chirping in the live intro
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Jungle Love by the Steve Miller Band has some shrill whistles in the beginning of the song.
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Thanks, Jungle Love by Steve Miller was it. I couldn't remember any of the song itself so my mind went to the first song that was stuck in my head, but when I heard it again on the radio I found out thanks for all your help!