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A while ago (maybe a couple years?), i was bored at home so i watched a british TV show called "Heartbeat," takes place in a small english town, and has lots of cool sixties music. Anyway, it must have been a season finale, because the one hero had his wife leave him, and the other hero's wife died. There was a long scene with everybody crying and comforting each other, and i remember they were playing the coolest song. I have no idea how it goes (it was a while ago), but it was a male voice, old-ish i think, acoustic guitar, and i only remember this one line: "flying like a bat from a cave, in the darkness of my own ignorance" or something like that. Ive googled it a million times, cant find anything!

Could somebody please help me?
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Im not sure about this, im gonna have to say your on your own. Have you entere that line of lyrics on youtube?
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