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Here is a little discussion that my fellow co-worker and I were having at work, and I would like to get other peoples opinions on the matter.

If you could make your perfect band who would you have?

You are allowed to have one lead guitarist and one rhythm...

(The guitarist doesn't have to be labeled as a rhythm guitarist for a band, e.g you can have Jimmy Page as a rhythm...if you REALLY want to)

One bassist

One drummer

and, One lead vocalist.

Now here is the catch that my co-worker and I are having issues with. Each member of the band has to be able to work with each other properly. So you couldn't have Jimmy Hendrix playing with Kurt Cobain because their styles conflict. Each member must be able to work in sync with one another based on ability and sound.

So who would you have?
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this has been done millions of times.

regardless of that though,
Dave Lombardo - Drums
Juan Alderette- Bass
Jason Becker - Guitar
Paul Gilbert - Guitar
Tim Ripper Owens - Vocals

or if it was a thrash band it would be
Dave Lombardo - Drums
Geezer Butler - Bass
Dave Mustaine - Guitar
Alex Skolnick - Guitar
Paul Baloff or Bobby Blitz - Vocals
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