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Quote by Nathan Sturgess
And BTW to Alarik, Clapton doesn't use .008s. He uses .010s more often than not on his Strats.

I found those info with a quicksearch on internet, they maybe not perfect... I should have put the REFERENCE of where I found those infos. I apologize I didn't. BTW you should too...

It however seems that very majority of Famous Guitarist use light strings with guages ranging from 008 to 010, but most of them use 009. There are only few exceptions of guitarist using heavier gauges.
(Last Hendrix's guitar was found with 008 strings on it).

I wonder then why people here says that thicker strings "sound better", are "PRO", have better tone etc... It seems that Real Pro Guitarist think differently...
Yeah I read an interview that all the British guitarists were using heavy strings in the early 60s until they went to the US and met Ernie Ball, I know a lot would use a Banjo string, an .008, as their 1st string before Slinky and Super Slinky strings became available. My source for the Clapton strings thing is the Ernie Ball website, plus the Clapton Strat is one of the few Strats to be shipped with .010s on it.
personally i use .010s. I just like the feel to them. They bend really nice, but aren't too thin for my tastes. they feel just right. I've used boths .008s and .009s as well, didnt really like them too much.

my next guitar i want to step up to .011s or .012s because its going to be for lower tunings, never gone thicker then .010s so that should be interesting
I use .10-52's or .11's, because my guitar buzzes if I use anything thinner.

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