Hello everybody,

as the title says, i have a problem with my Digitech RP90 pedal. I think it's about a year since I purchased it, and already after some months the problems started. I made a big use of the store function, so I made some new effects and ordered them in a way I desired. But sometimes when i wanted to switch the effect with the footpedal, it occured that the red number switched, but there was no sound coming out of the amp and i couldn't switch the effects anymore because the gadjet didn't react. Therefore I had repower the pedal. This got pretty annoying, and there was nothing i could against it. Imagine you're playing a gig and suddenly your pedal stops working, fortunately it didn't happen on a gig though. Even after a factory reset the problem wasn't solved. As I asked the seller, he answered that these pedals are very "sensitive"..

Well, I learned to live with this problem, but then the next one hit me. Sometimes the front footswitch isn't working. I have to hit it several times until it works. The back footswitch works just fine, it's just the front footswitch..

Now I want to ask you, do you have similar problems with this pedal and do you know some solutions?

Edit: When it helps, i used some other power supply as the one that was with the pedal, though the gadjet worked and there were no losings in the soundquality or anything, it seemed like that they match..but still i had the worries that those other adapters could have damaged the pedal.
What doo you think?
Sorry man, I've had mine about the same, a year, but I have never experienced a problem at all with it. Maybe its just a something wrong on yours. If you like it, but its somewhat broke, if you end up replacing it, I highly recommend the RP-500. They're cheap on ebay, I think I got mine around 200 bux, but they're great.

Sorry I dont have anymore useful info. Good luck on finding a resolution brotha.
I think I won't buy a multieffect pedal anymore, especially not from digitich, because i am disappointed of them!
I think from time to time I will buy seperate pedals with only one effect each. It's expensive but they are way more reliable
I have a similar problem but instead of the front switch not working, it's my back switch that doesn't react.
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I also have the same problem with the foot pedals and between switching effects . Digitech was a total waste of money
Hey, I know this thread is pretty ancient but I stumbled across it while searching for information on the digitech rp90. This didn't answer anything for me but after reading I felt the need to register and reply. I'm sure by now you have moved on from this pedal but hopefully this helps someone else out. I've been having the same problem with the footswitch particularly the right one which is the one that changes the preset number up. I actually took mine apart which sounds scary perhaps but just take the seven little screws out of the bottom plate cover. Use a small Philips screwdriver. Don't try to force one that doesn't fit snug into the screw head as you can easily strip the screws this way. just 2 screws hold the main circuit board on and a white ribbon leading to expression pedal has a small little circuit board on it that's held by just one screw. Simply remove these and carefully lift the entire assembly out and set aside. now you see the underside of the footswitches. they have little posts on them with a white plastic spacer washer and a rubber piece that fits on top of it that. When the pedal is engaged the rubber is supposed to contact the button on the circuit board making it function. First I tested the button on the circuit board by actually plugging in the power source and manually pushing the button with my finger. it worked so that told me I'm not dealing with a software issue thank goodness. After inspecting the rubbers by puling them off (be very careful not to lose the white spacer as it is very small and my come off with the rubber and fall to the ground before you realize it) I noticed the one on the foot switch giving me trouble was more rounded at the tip than the other one like it was maybe just worn more. Now maybe I'm wrong about that being why buy anyway what I did was switch the two rubbers with eachother. now I tried a couple different things before I fixed mine so I also figured out that when putting the rubber pieces back on not to push them back down too hard. Just lightly fit then back into place. And another thing u might do is after you've done this and screwed the circuit board back into place is plug it back in and test it prior to putting the buttom cover plate back on in case it didn't work the first time and you want to tweak with it again so you're not wasting all that time removing it again. Well I hope that fixes you. Inspect the circuit board for broken solder joints or loose connections perhaps in regards to your other problem which luckily I haven't experienced yet.
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You just bumped a two year old thread.

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