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has any1 seen Lil Wayne play guitar
its pretty funny

i recommend you all see it as there is no bigger fail in guitar history

on another note if you wanna see a hip hop/rnb artist that can play guitar
look for Wyclef Jean
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wow....thats all i have to say
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Good for him, helping bring guitar into rap.
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...Wow, I wonder if he even realizes he sucks.

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...Wow, I wonder if he even realizes he sucks.

Now he's the best rapper/guitarist alive.
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WYCLEF JEAN!!! is the best rap/guitar man alive
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well kid rock taught him during the summer of 08, what do you expect?
and prom queen is fun to play. i switched from playing sweet child of mine to prom queen in a room with 30 people in it, all of them turned and stared at me

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