Hi chaps,

I've currently got some cheap strings on my acoustic guitar and my fingers are turning a very strange blue/green colour!

I've been told that Elixir strings are the ones to go for.

Is there much of a difference in sound between the Nanoweb and Polyweb types?

The website says that the Nanoweb strings have a brighter sound. Will I tell the difference?

Do they feel much different?

I've had elixir, didn't do jack for me. They say they last a lot longer but imo they're no better than d'addario. For electric I use ernie ball, for acoustic I use Hannabach.
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i use elixir all the time and they are very good. D'addario strings last like a week with me...but that is due to my sweaty hands problem...altough the lighter ones tend to be a bit dull...i use 56'
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I use .13 Elixir Nanowebs on my acoustic and I love them.

Honestly couldn't tell you the difference between poly/nano, though.
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elixirs seem to be overpriced/overhyped imo.
they are good quality, but there is a point at which many other cheaper strings do the same

nano's i feel are much easy on the fingers, smother and a bit softer than poly's. also, dont get the cryo frozen ones..way to stiff and painful. tkes so long to break them in for use its not really worth it