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Any Rob Chappers fans in the house? I'm pretty sure there's at least a few. I've been subscribing to him on youtube for quite a while now, and he's a pretty big inspiration to me. I thought I'd post in this particular forum because his solo shred stuff is actually pretty damn good. Not the normal drums+keys+classical wank stuff that I'm used to hearing.

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eh, doesn't seem like anything special to me. he is very talented, tho
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i love the monkey lord
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I'm a big fan of Chappers!!

Does anyone know where I can get the TABs for Holy Fire?
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Used to work with him back in the days when he had a normal 9-5 job. Had a couple of jam sessions with him that turned into lessons

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He's a pretty fun guys based on his youtube vids, to the point where I actually bought an original run ML1 (I had to get mine replaced because the neck was absolutely dire!) Though I'm not really a fan of his solo stuff, though I've gotta say I love Dorje.
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