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Any one have info on these guitars compared to say...agile? They seen pretty cool. I was thinking about getting one of their distressed strats either in blue or black.

Link to the site.
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Well mostly a Vintage guitar is Europe's Agile, so if you like in the US then why not a agile?
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i've been to a demo at a guitar shop where the guy talks about his vintage, looked good, sounded awesome

if you can, go for it
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Quote by darkcheef
Well mostly a Vintage guitar is Europe's Agile, so if you like in the US then why not a agile?

this is correct
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there damn good quality for the price
especially the peter green les paul model
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Theres a small music shop that sells them here in Ontario, I don't remember whats its called but its in Collingwood..if you can find it, I'm sure you'll be able to buy on online without major shipping.
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I do warn u vintage have some QC problems. At my local store they dropped them because of the poorly made guitars they sent.

One of them fell and banged a padded stool from a stand not even a meter away and most of the frets fell out.

Just a word of warning but i played afew of their strats and they were nice. The one i played was set up for 11s
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They're great, I own a Vintage Les Paul, brilliant first guitar.
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There are a few models that don't really match the Agile ones. The Lemon Drop Les Paul (Peter Green/Gary Moore) being one of them. Also, the Vintage have all Wilkinson hardware and pickups. There is no equivalent to the Agile 3100 with its ebony fretboard. I'm told that you must expect to get a good setup done with Vintage and not just a tweak of the intonation and action. A full fret dress is often needed. That goes for a lot of brands these days and the Epi's I tried a few days ago were no better set.
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Vintage are on about the same level as agile, but they are a UK based company, and not that easy to find outside of the EU as far as i know.

They have been a lot better since trev wilkinson did the hardware deal with them though. It's the Encore brand you need to look out for - Encore is like vintage's knock-off brand like fender and squier... and vintage are a knockoff brand to begin with..
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I've played a few Vintage's unplugged, and they felt good, but I don't know how they sound though.

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