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I was lookin in the classifieds a minute ago and thought to myself, "how the hell does an online band work?". I mean, you more than likely won't ever be noticed by anyone, and any type of recording would be difficult. I would love to hear you thoughts on this "crisis" <--- lol
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A few musicians record their respective instruments based off an online friends recording. Its quite simple.
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I think one "band" member submits his or her parts of a song or riffs to another band member, who makes his or her part that either underpins it with a definite rhythm (bass), then keeps going until everyone has their parts recorded together. Someone at the end pieces it all together, then, they release it?

Just my thoughts.


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Basically someone, usually the drummer, records their part first, then sends it to another member, who overdubs their part, sends it on to someone else, and so on until the song's finished. And it's not about being noticed, it's just a nice thing for musicians to do who don't have others in their area to play with, or just want to broaden their horizons and play with other people.
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See, I always thought that they would just play through Skype or somethin. But the problem with that is a posible lag and bad mics.