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We've all heard it, and if you haven't then your a commie. What I wanna know is, how does the song make you feel. I mean, I can't get through the song without a smile or a chill going up my spine. And to be clear I'm talking about the video where there's two drummers and that guitarist has the blue top hat and beard and Cockers' wearing that superman shirt not the Woodstock one. Anyways, tell me what emotion you get from hearing that song. thanx for the input
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i feel like he's singing it straight to me, ya know? he's so soulful and puts every ounce of energy into every note. it is one of my favorite songs.
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Never was a big Joe Cocker fan. Actually, I flat-out dislikethe guy. His voice, his, in my opinion, terrible covers. Alot of people like him and I respect their opinion but anytime I hear him on the radio I turn the dial no matter what.
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Isn't it from Woodstock? I quite liked it. And why are you saying commie as if it's a bad thing?
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I like that screaming his does towards the end of the song. I always get chills during that part
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Quote by jimmyled
Isn't it from Woodstock?

Yes, it was performed at Woodstock. A few days later (literally less than a week after the end of the festival) it was released on Joe's first album named after the song. I think the album had a few Dylan covers on it which weren't too bad.
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Very good, I love it. It's full of soul
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one of the best covers ever! by the way, Jimmy Page plays some guitar on that. The whole With a little help from my friends album is awesome, plenty of top England musicians from that era, like Page, Stevie Winwood, Chris Stainton, highly recommendable.
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I really like Joe's voice, some of his songs I don't really like, but his voice is one of the most soulfull I've ever heard
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His version of "heard it through the grapevine" is killer too. God I love Joe Cocker.
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Absolutely great. The only good Beatles cover IMO, mainly because Joe completely changed the feel. He made it soulful. Still prefer The Beatles version though.
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There's a load of feeling in that song. I like it, especially the opening guitar part.
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