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In the song "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd there is this piano part from 0.22 to 0.50. I am sure that I've heard that part in a movie but can't remember which one.

Can anyone help me get this HUGE problem out of the world?? :P
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dunno but maybe try google it, remember google is your friend, type in, say.... "Pink Floyd High Hopes in movie" something along the lines of that... but maybe someone else is more helpful
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i know, when i heard it on pulse i was like "this sounds familiar" but cant work it out. also theres a bit in it which is like the slide part from stairway to heaven thats like "noo-noo noo-noooooo" if you get what i mean
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Believe me, I have searched google over and over again but can't find anything about it. I guess the matter will have to continue to disturb me. ^^

Thanks for the replies anyway!
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According to IMDB its in the soundtrack of "stoners" (

Under Richard Wright's profile:

Stoners (2004) (writer: "Cluster One", "Marooned", "Keep Talking", "High Hopes")
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