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Not positive this is the right forum, but the only other one I could think of was The Pit, and I doubt a Pit poll would be a good idea.

Anyway, simple matter of settling a bet between myself and a friend. Which Gilmour solo on DSOTM is better; Time or Money?
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Time by far. I haven't listened to the two in a while, but the Money solo is very deceptive. It seems great, but the fact is that all of its momentum is created by the saxophone solo right before it.
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Both great, but something about the context of the song and Gilmour's signature tone in "Time" is orgasmic.

It really does give me chills every time I hear it.
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Money is pretty textbook Gilmour, but really Time is just something else.
But really, Gilmour's best solo is on Dogs, but that isn't on Dark Side.
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Comfortably Numb, but in all honesty I shall go listen to the two songs before deciding because it's been a while since I heard Time and I always associate Money with that bass line, his singing, the sax solo and that change at the beginning.

Edit: Ok I was halfway through the Time solo when I decided no matter how good the Money solo is it can't beat that. Both ****ing great songs but that solo if incredible.
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Take it to the Pink Floyd thread.


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