Yeah, what the thread title says. Some mad nonsensical metal straight from gprotab comp to you (it did pick up 3rd place there ).

Soon there will be a better-sounding "rendered" version on my profile.

Enjoy if you can, comment if you wish

EDIT: rendered version can now be found on the profile. Air Font 360 is cool
Destructive Interference.zip
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Wow, that was fantastic, seriously. It shoulda won you first place. I have not a single complaint about it, so I'll just compliment you a little .

The chorus idea was great. It was a really good, well thought out progression, and the little keyboard bit was a nice touch. The lead at riff 2 was fantastic. Bluesy but chaotic at the same time. It was just so good!

The interlude and solo part was my favorite part. It reminded me of a combination of Scale the Summit and BTBAM, probably because they both do this kind of thing. The drums were great in this part too and I liked the clapping idea.

The solo section was also a great part. I loved the noisy accompaniment the guitar gave to the rhodes piano solo. That was really cool. The very last note made me lawl

So there you go, a nice brown-nosing crit . But seriously, that was unbelievable nice work.
10/10 (and I almost never give these out)
C4C if you want https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1139121
I don't think you've seen this one yet.
Nice. Reminded me of King Krimson combined with progressive death metal like Atheist and Martyr. Overall a great song, I really don't have any complaints. Really wacky, weird and off-the wall sounding. Love it.
I thought the pre-chorus was the best part, it reminded me of some of Atheist's samba-esque moments.
I would really like to hear this recorded.
That's some awesome ****. o.O I love the intro, especially when the kind of strange sounds come in. The samba-ish part is really nice, I love the melody. The solo-thingy is awesome, but I don't like when the effects (don't know what they're called) come in. The transitions between parts are smooth.

The drumming fits very good with the guitars.

Summary: nice work!
It puzzled me greatly how all of that actually worked! It shouldn't make any kind of sense but it did, I think that's mostly down to the keyboards and drums which kept most of the insanity together; the drums were definitely a highlight for me, really one of the few cases where there's a lot going on but the beats and grooves aren't sacrificed because of it. The slap bass was also a very nice touch.

I think the transition into the interlude could have been a lot smoother, though the solo itself was fantastic. I thought the guitar solos proper were good as well, but the interlude one showed it up a little. Really dug the keyboard solo though, unexpected but very effective choice of sound.

The second half was much better than the first though, if there's one thing I'd improve it's the amount of chord movement in the 'riff 2' section, probably would have benefitted from a little more breathing room through staying on some chords a little longer.

You were right about the ending though, sort it out
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The first part reminds me of Opeth. I really like the eerie sounding lead noises over it. After that though it kind of fell apart.

One thing that really stood out to me was the great basswork throughout. To me though it seems like this is just trying to be as progressive/weird as physically possible. There's so many leads it doesnt have many memorable parts. Interlude was the part that I liked the most cause you cooled down and it had some catchy licks. It almost had a jazzy feel, and it was awesome.

I found it a bit redundant to call anything a solo section when most of the song is comprised of leads and solos.

Meh, a lot of it was very good, but a lot of it was just to much solos, leads, weird stuff or whatever. May as well be an instrumental musical masturbation session. I found myself struggling to remember anything aside from the interlude.
@Burning Angel: "Musical masturbation", lol. You're definitely right, this was not an attempt to make a "good" song, I just wanted to make it as freaking stupid and demented as possible that's the whole point of it.

I do have more "serious" songs done, will post here one of these days.

edit: almost forgot, thanks for the comments everyone!
the acoustic intro was really good, the creepy synths and leads were a really great addition aswell. i like how the distorted guitar fades in and out, it has like, a really eerie vibe. very well done there. riff 1 was good, the 7/8 time flowed really well, which dosen't often happen on these forums. the soloish thing at around 25 was good, very weird, but very good at the same time. the prechorus was good and let well into the chorus. the chorus itself was f*cking amazing. the best part of the song for me. i liked how ****ed up and psychotic it sounds in bar 41 and 42 that was amazing. at 43, that's a decent reintro type thing, that worked well. it led really well into riff 2, which was also great. again, at 59, i really like your lead work in this song. 67 and so on was amazing, i liked what the lead was doing there, it went really well with everything. the melodic solo was unexpected, but you made it work well in the context of the song, very very very well done. is that a keychange at 83 that i hear? that went really well. i loved how 91 took it back to the dark and eerie vibe of before, and then that retintro came in, great job there. i loved the solo section, the rhodes piano solo was really good, totally added to the creepy and dark vibe of the solo. the final solo was really good, it's one of the first songs on here with alot of solo's that i haven't been bored of actually. ahhhhh the chorus! i love that chorus. the mighty stupid ending, was mighty, and stupid, but fitted the song well. the last note was unexpected... you could probably do without that, but i can see why it's there .

overall, very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very well done. i totally loved this piece. 23904820348029384234/10.
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That stuff was intense, man. I really digged the volume oscillations. I thought that was rad as ****. I'll to try that out in some of my band's instrumentals. Speaking of which, if you're ever in the mood, check out the first blog in my profile. You can check out 4 of my originals in guitar pro. A crit is always appreciated.
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The keyboard in that was just incredible and the leads were perfect in my opinion. I'm in awe at how brilliantly put together that was, definitely one of my favourite pieces I've heard. 10/10.
That was insane. I usually can't stand this kind of random note overly dissonant prog metal, but that was genius. Especially the chorus, the keyboard in Solo Section 2 and the weird noises in the intro. I loved the little touches as well, like the harmonics before the chorus and the way the final solo turns kind of latin-sounding toward the end without you really noticing. The only real criticism I have is it had too many solos, and they weren't too memorable, the riffs and weird keyboard wankery was what I loved about the piece, I think you should focus on that more.
hahahahaha. ;D


demented to the core.
that was groovy, man. and random. but groovy!
great bass. d:
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