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Pic 1
27 4%
Pic 2
556 87%
Pic 3
59 9%
Voters: 642.
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I'm too old for this ****
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Cory is nowhere to be found, so I will make the thread.

It's time to choose the winner of the
MS Paint 2009 Competition!

Of course, The Pit will decide

Please vote for your favorite entry out of these three finalists. Although some of you may already know which picture belongs to which artist, it will
remain anonymous. Therefore, do not state the username of the picture you chose to aid in avoiding prejudices and favoritism.

To view all of the other entries from previous rounds, go here .

Pic 1

The reference pic used:

Pic 2

Pic 3

I can't believe it's almost over.

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Omg. Picture 2 is amazing.

Cheers to everyone who submitted and didn't quite make it.
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Pic 2 looks most detailed.

Pic 3 almost looks like a cover art for some punk album
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Pic 1 is my favourite.
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Number 2 is absolutely bloody brilliant!
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I'm too old for this ****
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lawl, teh poll looks like a p3n1s.


yeah it does

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Picture 2. Awesome.
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...Is that a bird with Stephen Fry's head?
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Quote by zwound
lawl, teh poll looks like a p3n1s.

yeah picture 2 is probably the best
but all are good
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pic 2 is...


Agreed, they're all good though.

They're... beautiful

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Holy fucking shit. Rocking-Rob is a true MS paint artist. He should have like an exhibit or something.
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2 is good, but I'll go for three, purely because it made me smile
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Number 3 is the cooliest.
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I don't see how pic 2 was done in MS Paint. I can see it in the others, but... I just don't understand it for pic 2. Oh well I think 3 gets my vote anyway. I like the colors and style.
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to all of you, though clearly #2 is Winrar.


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Although the big face in number 3 is amazing, and number 1 is really good also, I like number 2.
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Quote by imdeth
Ah it is almost over.

Let us not forget the other awesome entries. Especially ThinLizzyFan's

I think we all know this is the true winner
Let us bask in its glory!
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in pic three, is that steven fry? i voted 2
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I voted number 2, purely because it looks well beyond what Paint is capable of and probably took the longest to do. I do like WhalePuddings style of charicaturing and shading stuff though, even if I don't quite get it sometimes (Stephen Fry???). Metalduds pic is also brilliant but I think its outdone here, sorry, mate. Still a kickass picture that would win any other contest.

Oh and whoever wins, could they make a celebrational thread full of the pear? You are getting a ban free pass and I think that would be a suitably epic use for it.
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