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This is a song i just wrote today in about an hour.

i am aware it is sometimes repetitive and bear with me i havent come up with any vocal melodys or anything..

also the solo is not really what i would play i just had to put some soloy like guitar in there so it might seem a bit lacking

But i'm really really proud of this whole piece, probably one of the best things i've written yet

C4C of course
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The intro is way too long and gets boring, I'd recommend to cut it in half, nothing wrong with the chord progression though.

The next part up to bar 49 was pretty cool, I liked your rythm. The high and the low F in the second half are great, they come quite unexpected and are very refreshing. The transition toe next part is also well done.

Your Solo is pretty cool, I like how it develops and gets faster over time. Note Choice and placing of pauses are great too.
The figure at bars 101 - 102 is slightly misleading. At first I thought it does not fit with the measure but after listening to it a few times I realised it'S structure. The problem is, the figure is quite intelligent and well constructed, but only a few listeners will get the idea, i'm afraid the others will be irritated.
btw you started the song with a little bass lick, why not ending it with one?

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Not a fan of the whole note chords in the beginning or the part when it goes back to them. They get a bit stale after a while. The bass helps keep it mildly interesting though.
I like the chorus section, although the bend note is a little...out of place?
The solo was great. Good ending as well.

This is a nice solid piece if you would just shorten the whole note chords sections. 8/10

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