C4C on any of them. So, I've got a LOT of music done, and a LOT of lyrics done. But, I have very few song done, as in music with lyrics. So, I figured I'd make a thread just for the ones that are complete. I'll update it whenever I have something new. There will be attachments for all of them below, just look at the URL for the file name to know which is which. The lyrics for these aren't tabbed, but they will be above the guitar.

This is meant as a high-energy live song.

A shorter song.
Project 19 (Idiot).gp5
Project 19 (Idiot).gp4
Project 44 (Coal).gp5
Project 44 (Coal).gp4
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They were kinda... bland and samey sounding. Sorry, not being mean its just that... the whole song is power chords on both of them. You have to come up with a cool riff or something then use power chords for part of the song. Not the whole thing

The lyrics were okay to. I didn't really get the part about being insane in the first one. It didn't really make sense. The idiots part was kind of dumb too. Now the second song, it was better. It wasn't poetry (this is punk, right?) or anything, but it wasn't bad. Some of the rhymes were kind of awkward (You do know you don't have to rhyme all the time) but it was mostly pretty good. I like the "Hating what I love so much" part. That part was beasty.

Don't give up. Post some of the stuff you haven't finished yet and see what happens. Good luck.
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