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17 59%
12 41%
Voters: 29.
look it you at youtube.
and ur talkin about my name.... look at ur gay name. lord worm. WOW MEN WOW u would half to be retarded to have a name like that.
Quote by LordWorm420
with a name like leroy jenkins you HAVE to be stupid.

Yeah I agree with this guy.
Quote by Zugunruhe
for some reason this post makes me suspect theres something horribly wrong with you.

not that thats a bad thing...

...dont kill me.
I think Leroy_Jenkins has killed/otherwise incapacitated all the mods. There is no other explanantion to this bull****.
why has no one mentioned Jeff Walker's ablum "Welcome to Carcass Cuntry"?
Im sorry Leroy I tried to help u little bit in ur last stupid thread but i ****ING HATE COUNTRY so ur on ur on son.
Good day
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o and dark wolf yes its me again.!.
why are you guys even voting
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MoogleRancha is a twat
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this guy is a pretty massive Fail Troll
Originally Posted by neopowell
I'm perfectly capable of rating my own poo, I don't need a website to help me. I've devised strict criteria based on texture, smell, ease of passing and numerous other factors. It's even colour-coded.

tbh, i prefer country. i just spend all my money on metal albums.
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