Hey guys, Im not sure how to do this, how do I, or can someone put picture 1 pn top of pic two? I dont have photoshop or anything. Ill resize the photos if needed, like I want it to look like im standing on the car, so i might need to resize things. Thanks
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Hey man, tough question. The only thing I can suggest is just play around with it in MSpaint. I don't really see a way to do it without being into Photoshop. But this isn't the right place to ask this, since it doesn't really pertain to UG as a community or the workings of. You can ask the Pit and see if someone there can try and do it, but you might not be welcomed with open arms.

Good luck, but I can't help you, but this thread doesn't belong here. Repost in the Pit if you want.

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