Been a long time since I posted.

O Selfish Me

**** the fake bull****
Selfish O’ help me
For once I’m not Jesus
**** the blind if they can’t see

I’m the self indulgent
Warring against myself
On the fringe of true pain
One commitment from self help

If I should have to pray
Pray for those who love me
Pray they never know
Of the secrets inside of me

Step and stumble
Still I falter
Imperfect being
Of the father

I have said I love you
I have surely lied
Yet a day without your presence
Leaves a hole unfilled inside

Warring against myself
A fight I’ll never win
You’re just a casualty
And a name given to my sin

Step and stumble
Still I falter
Imperfect being
Of the father

Once I was pure
Once I was clean
Once I was delusional
Not one of us is clean

Revelation is not freedom
If we burden humankind
Selfish O’ help me
The evil of mankind
One thing that jumped at me was the late introduction of 'you'. I felt as though it came out of nowhere, like you just brought in this other person. Up to the fifth verse, there was no previous mention of this other person. It seems as thought the purpose of the song shifts, but, after that verse, this person and message isn't really touched again.

And a smaller nitpick: "Of the secrets inside of me" would flow better, IMO, without the 'of'.
Cause I love feelin' dirty
And I love feelin' cheap
And I love it when you hurt me
So drive those staples deep
You? I really want to know where as I feel I have had a problem with this throughout all my songs. I project as I write and it sometimes is a little confusing for someone else to follow.

As far as the "of", I think you are right.
Ahhhhhhhh! The "you". Here is my explanation.

First set I am saying that I am tired of being “fake” and I am going to show my true self to everyone. At the same time I feel I have been and I am continuing to be selfish.

The second set explains what and how I am.

The third set explains that even though I no longer wish to be fake I am still setting forth to hide parts of my true self and my past.

The fourth set is self explanatory.

The fifth set and the late introduction of the “you”. This relates back to the third set and “those who love me”. This along with the sixth set relate to an ongoing, yet failing relationship because of the way I am at present.

The seventh set is self explanatory.

The eighth set is me thinking the rest of the people are deep down, just like me, but I did not see it for a long time.

The ninth set is me now going back and forth on weather or not to reveal all. Will it set me free yet burden those I care about? If this is the case, then it truly is the selfish decision.

I hope this explanation helps.

P.S. Think Anthrax and "Potters Field" mixed with Metallica.
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