Its an G&L ASAT CLASSIC SN CLF23207 I have some pics i'l try and upload as well, i'm just not sure if it's a fake or...what year build. i don't even know what you call this color heh...
Call up ProGuitarShop, Andy just did a demo of it, or if you can find his UG profile, pm him. Do you have more pics of the guitar?
Here are some clearer pictures. i finally remembered my psw for photobucket =)

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Looks legit, bridge pickup looks identical, as does the neck.

If its a USA model, it should be a very good guitar. I believe it is the Bluesboy Solid body, not 100% tho.
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thank you guys i will most certailny check it out! i'm excited. just throwing on some new strings and after some new equip i will get to hear what she sounds like! thanx again!