I live in nyc and I want to audition for a high school (LaGuardia High Skool) when skool starts again and im going to auditon in music and one of the requirements are to do sing back and tap back melodies but idk wtf that is on guitar? If you do can you explain?
Are you sure they mean on guitar?

I've never heard the term either, but I bet it is something simple that they are using an obscure word to describe.

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True n they dnt mean on guitar its an audition for every instrument
You should probably ask in Musician Talk. If anyone on UG can help you'll find him there.
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*I think this is what they mean*

by sing back they will want you to hear a melody then sing it back to them, by tap back they will play a melody then you will have to hear it and play it back
maybe tap as in playing your guitar like a drum to the rhythm of the melody, just like clapping your hands to the rhythm. I did that when I took music at school. It's called rhythmic dictation.