So I had my first trip to Guitar Center today for my first electric shopping experience. I decided that I prefer a P90's sound to the standard Epiphone HB sound. I liked the Junior Special that they had for $99 there. I got home and looked on eBay for some deals and I dug up this. eBay item #170346200501. Its an Epiphone Les Paul Junior with what looks like a dog-ear P90 in the bridge and a Schaller bridge/tailpiece. So I was wondering what the actual model of Junior this is, and if the pickup is a good P90 or a bad one. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
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i don't know anything about the model other than it's a Junior (obviously you know that). if it says the pickup is original then it should be a pretty decent pickup, but it should say in the listing or you can ask
I don't know if the pickup is original. (I assume it is) The description is pretty normal dude sounding. Here it is in it's entirety:

"A nice Epi Junior, black with a P90. Schaller adjustable bridge and grover tuners, I'll
include the original hardware. No case, I'll ship it in a gig bag. Played very little,
great frets. thanks dp."

I asked the dude if there were any known issues with the guitar earlier and I'm hoping to receive a response before it ends around 11:30AM tomorrow.
Also, this thing is currently going for $51 plus ten bucks of shipping... so this could be a mega sweet deal... but the thing is he has zero transactions and he just joined.
Well, I won the auction. I'm awaiting shipping conformation. We'll see what happens. If I could have some help in identifying it after I receive it.