Hey guys, just want your opion(s) on the versatility between the PRS Custom-22 and Gibson Les Paul standard.

I play everything from jazz, to rock, to ska, to folk, to grunge, to shred. I am presntly selling my ibanez s620ex for 600, which I want to use as a down payment on either one of these guitars.

Also, please support your opinion so I can be more knowledgeable with reasons as to why I would be choosing one guitar over the other.

Thanks a ton,

All advice in the world wont be better for you than to thoroughally try them both in the store.
Play a variety of different styles and compare them in playability, sound, feel, etc

Try to play each for like a half hour or so and then go with what you like better

We can give you all the advice in the world, but it all comes down to your hands and ears.

As a PRS player tho, Id go with the Custom 22. Stays in tune very well, amazing neck and looks, contoured and very comfortable bodies and a lot lighter than a Les Paul
I believe you should go with the PRS, as they are simply built better. Also they have this deal where if you buy a new one, you get a free pickup swap/ setup from the factory. I suggest the 1957/2008 pickup combo. I hope this helped.

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there have been many fenders in metal (Jon Levasseur ring a bell? maybe not.) i have also seen some ibanez playing blues

your amp and signal chain create most of your tone, starting from pickups to speakers

since were going electric, pickups can be swapped, homes rebuilt, and other than woods for tone color, and sustain vs. whammy, its all about the feel of the instrument

so yeah, try them both extensively

Quote by Chase_Jarvis23
Also they have this deal where if you buy a new one, you get a free pickup swap/ setup from the factory

i saw that at my local guitar store

with the purchase of a prs guitar
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well firstly they have totally different sound and the necks on prs are different as well....go play them both and see which u like better, then plug it in !

i had a les paul for a couple of weeks but decided to return it for a prs sc245 when i tried that one out.
I think both are overpriced but the PRS has a much higher build quality.
Not taking any online orders.
The PRS beats hands down the Gibson; simply better build, better looking, better feeling and better sounding, in all possible ways IMO.
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It comes down to your taste mate. But as a Gibson owner (even with a cheap-ass Studio ) .I'd move towards the PRS. The weight of the Les Paul is such a big con that you can't realise before getting one and playing over a period of time. I think I might get back problems in the near future, that is if I don't allready got them.

To my ears though, the Gibson sounded fuller and sweeter compared to the PRS I tried out. The Customs though are superb. And yeah I would trade my Studio over a PRS if I had the chance.

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Awesome, thanks a lot for the advice guys. The music store that I goto (long & mcquade) is about a 35-40 minute drive from my city. Just wanted a little bit of a heads up before I arrived, and some things to expect!

Very much apprciated,