I'm don't know much at all about graphic design and I really need 2 flyers made for some shows I have coming up. I'm a solo artist for now ( I sing and play guitar) and I don't really know anybody that could make one up for me.

1 show is at a coffee shop and the other show is gonna be at a bookstore. I would prefer some mellow colors.

Here are the details you need to know and some things I want to be on the flyer itself:

Artist name: Alex Berry
Name of venue: The Good Beans Cafe
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Date: August 27, 2009
Photo of you? Photo of cafe?
What size?
whats the name of the cafe?
Whats the name of the bookstore?
Can you print colour?
What type of audience is this going to? (kids/teens/adults/oldies)
Are they being handed out, put on walls, or stuck on poles?
Are any sponsor logos going down the bottoom (do we need ot leave room anywhere)?
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I'll ask my partner if you want. I think she's very good. PM me if you're serious, or you can see what we do at 764west.com. She's asked me if any of you want graphics done for ads or CD covers. As far as cost goes you'll have to ask her. If it isn't too complicated, she could probably work it out through e-mail, so you could have someone local do the printing.

You should give us a photo of you, or your instruments. DO you already have an artist logo?
I found the Picture on the Good Beans Cafe website.
Look like a nice place
Msg me for the full size (a4) :P
That was my attempt, and probably an indicator of the people found on UG. You should probably get a friend to do it, do it yourself, or get an expert.
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That's good! But can you make it a bit more creative? Maybe you could add some shadow to my name or some stuff like that?

I really don't have any friends that know how to do stuff like that or I would justa sk them.
We mainly promote visual artists, but the principles of how it works is almost identical.
A Flyer is fine, but who is going to see it, and will it bring them to your show?
Some free advice we would have given you if you contacted us.
1. Do you have an e-mail list of friends and fans? If you don't, start one. You can send them your gig info ahead of time. About a week before the gig, send them another e-mail with your flyer attached. If you really want to work someone, send them a postcard sized flyer by snail mail.
2. Often with these images you are making a first impression. If it looks bad, they will probably ignore it. The image you put out in print is as important as your stage image. You have to get people interested in you before they even hear a note of what you play. Build your audience.
3. Have business cards in your pocket at all times, and actually remember to give them to people you think are interested in what you do, and if they have one, get theirs, and add them to your list.
4. Check media outlets that serve your area. Sometimes they need to fill up column inches, so learn how to write a press release. They may or may not print it, and some are free.

Believe it or not, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to promotion. Unless you have an agent or a label, you'll have to learn to do it yourself.

My $.02s worth.
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^that is why you should get a pro to do it. or some on that actually knows you
That was sweet of you, mdwallin, to post an attempt. But you shouldn't give up just yet. You seem to know the tools, maybe we can give you some pointers to help you on?

I'd get a higher contrast between the picture and the text. Black on brown is kind of hard to read. Maybe make the picture a bit brighter and get a colored font, possibly with narrow black outline?

Another idea altogether is to make it some joke. Get a picture of an expensively groomed cat and add the caption This kitty is NOT missing. It's an invitation to Alex' show at the Good Beans Cafe and so on...

And bigcheese_1989, make sure to add your website/myspace on the flyer so that people can check out your music beforehand. You don't want a gang of bikers turning up expecting heavy metal if you're singing folk, nor the local sewing club if you are indeed playing metal. :-)
I ain't makin flyers :P
and its NOT because the flyer I made isn't great, it's because I can't do it. I have no time to. I'm 16 lol, I'm doing VCE I have not ime to do anything but study :P
That flyer is not great, unfortunately. First, the black text blends in with the shadows and border. Rookie mistake. Second, either make it black and white or use more than the brown and white. This doesn't look inviting or pleasing.