I've been without a band for the past year, and last month I came across these guys who have a horror-punk band. at first I thought "oh jeez, horror punk totally lame.. but I'm desperate so I'll try it out, it's punk so it's totally easy"

first day of practice I flat out sucked. turns out it's not so easy to be high-speed chugging power chords for several hours, and they have some pretty nifty riffs.

so, I was proven wrong and am now having oodles of fun playing music I at first thought sucked (I still think the gory make-up is pretty lame, but i guess it belongs to the genre, like corpsepaint in black metal). Even some other bands of the genre have started to grow on me, like the Misfits.

does this sound like a blog? a cool story, bro? yes, it is.

share your other cool stories that are similar to mine, where you were proven wrong about a genre's "coolness" or difficulty.
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I used to be in a metalcore band, then I was like, we need to be more better or whatever, so we sorta just changed everything, and now we're a technical fast mathcore band, but I didn't think I'd ever want to play that kind of music, but I do like, so yeah.

Cool story, brah.
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I was a total blueshead, till I played Bach's Bouree in E minor. I still love the blues, but now I have a total infactuation with classical music.
like the misfits? awesome.
I have no opinion on this matter.
so i guess you learned not to judge a band by its genre

cool story, sir