I yanked the vocals because I couldn't do them well enough.

I will be redoing this song with a female singer, but she wasn't around when I recorded this.

Acoustic Bass & 2 Guitars.

Lemme know what you think. I'll update asap when I get my female singer in my studio.

Note: I omitted the drums to sound like an acoustic live performance rathern than a studio release.

*edit: crap I just realized I missed muting out one track of lyrics all the way. Oh well. Looking for crits on the instrumentals.
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That's effing sweet!! I stopped being into Evanescence a while ago, but you did this song justice. You should post another one of these when you get a singer, it will be sweet. I can't think of anything wrong, other than that the guitar and the bass sometimes don't play at the same time.

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