I just recorded a song with my friends using Audacity and a DP02. I did it in my room, because I don’t have the money to rent out a studio or anything like that. I’m posting this thread because I am in search of some advice to give the song an UMPH that I believe it is missing. You can listen to it through our groups myspace at- www.myspace.com/drowningup (If you listen to it through headphones it sounds much nicer)

Any comments on the song, positive or negative, would be nice too.
Are you asking how to make the song have more 'oomph' with the mixing, or on how you can rewrite it to have more punch?
There is poetry in despair.
I think adding an overdriven electric guitar in there could give it more umph, if you build up to it towards the middle or the end. Nothing crazily distorted, but enough to give off that energy that overdrive gives. If you don't wanna do that, perhaps ramping up the drums a bit at the end could work. It would give it a bit more energy.

As for the song itself, I thought it was lovely. Your singer has a very nice voice. She reminds me a bit of Lauren Coleman, who did the lead female parts on Gavin Castleton's Home. I believe she has one of the songs from the album, Coffeelocks, on her MySpace, if you want to give that a listen. I digress. I, personally, think your song is great, but it could use a little more umph, like you said.

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I agree with you about the distortion, its just that I find distortion so hard to record. I will take your advice on the drums and try to fix them next time I have the chance!

Oh and im asking for advice on how to fix the song in terms of recording/adding effects, since all the songwritting elements have already been recorded.
I just listened to it again. Maybe a piano could be added, if recording an overdriven guitar really isn't an option.