Whats that?....did I just got in the mail, a Epiphone Les Paul Standard???

Thats right!

Bought it right here on UG for 250$ The headstock was broke at one point so a luthier fixed it. The neck has a wierd sticky finish and has been sanded thinner that the normal neck. It plays great, needs some new stings but I am still gonna put up some clips for you guys later.


I have an Epi Standard Plain-Top with a broken neck!!!! Very good guitar!!!
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You have no experience with racks??? What kind of guy are you?
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You bought a broken guitar for $250?

Oh well, it's all good now. Happy NGD!

No, he got it fixed before selling it, those pictures there I took like an hour ago.
awesome congrats
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Oh. The way you said it i thought YOU took it to get fixed and have the neck sanded.

Same here

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Looks nice, HNGD!
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I've got the same guitar but mine is Ebony finished, HNGD.

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