Anyone want to give these a listen? They're all metal songs, each varying in style to certain degree. All comments and criticism welcome! Provide a link, and I'll return the favor. Cheers!

Please note, these are rough recordings and the quality is quite low. Try to ignore it.




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In Ascension, is there a bass? I can't hear much of one even with my woofer on. But I enjoyed it and I liked that folky intro. I was instantly reminded of Opeth by the intro. Actually the recording quality isn't that bad in my opinion.

Out of interest, how do you record? And what do you use for drums?
There's a bit of a bass problem in Ascension, hah.

The guitars and bass are recorded in the space. Typically the instruments are recorded in one go-thru from the beginning of the song to the end of the song, which is why the recording sounds a bit rough. Once they're recorded bit-by-bit and pieced together on real recording equipment, they will sound much better.

The drums are made using Acoustica Beatcraft.
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Ascension was really cool. The quality was actually quite good really. I really don't have anything bad to say about it, I liked every section. Maybe some leads and solos would help though. But overall a good job.
Danke, sir.

Hah, I may have to change the order of the songs so that the other ones get listened to also. I guess it's a bit of a chore to listen to four. Oh my, a rhyme!
Pestilenta is the one I listened to.

Cool intro guitars. Leads in well, the guitars sound thick. I feel that the drums (mostly OH) could be turned up, and maybe EQ'd to a brighter sound. Great guitar playing, quite impressive. Overall this is a great song, and the bridge in it is tight.
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apart from the roughness of the overall i liked it.

opeth fan at all??
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Intro is super sweet, this can be either very amazing or not.
Ok riff comes in. It took the less amazing turn. I was hoping for this super epic and melodic epic tune. This sounds great nevertheless. The lead could be tighter rythmicaly though. Is this intended to be instrumental or are you gonna put vocals on this?
This is a very nice track though. Massive potential to be super great.

Black sea
Intro's major cool. Started off really nice but the sound of pastilentia is here too. It's your style I suppose but if it's as obvious in the other tracks, it should be something that you should think more about. Don't wanna be making the same song over and over. Know what I'm saying?
Ok as it's rolling. It's sounding more authentic etc. . Very cool track dude, gonna go ahead and say that I'm feeling some Dissection vibes. Must be the minor chord progression.
So yeah, I personaly prefered pastilentia but this is also a very good track.

Acoustic's refrheshing after the two previous tracks. Nice sounding too. Recording quality on this one is worse than on the two previous tracks. Hmm the metal riff that came in was kinda out of place. I would've chosen a different key. It would create a better contrast. Riff sounds very Death inspired, I like it. Ok acoustic came back. Nice sounding ****. Ending was very anti-climax IMO would've returned to the intro stuff.


I dig the intro riff on this one. Some certain things in this remind me of Necrophagist in a weird way.

Pastilentia, ascension and descent all share a similar sound so imma go ahead and say that you should vary your sound a bit. All of this is good written stuff though and it doesn't sound bad. I can't say that it's a bad repeating sound Listened through all of your tracks in one listening and I didn't get bored.

Tighten them up though, alot of the guitar **** could be much more in sync and tight.
Write some more songs and you got some album material dude.

Oh btw, very silly idea but... So I do some growling lol. You can hear some on "Scalp Sandals" in my profile. That was when I just started though. I've gotten much better now.
I would SO love to try slapping some growling on one of your tracks. Whatever, you could write some lyrics or I could if you wanted me to.
Would like to try this for fun.
What do you say?

Btw. I critted all your track.
Don't be a bitch and check some of my other stuff too and bump the threads :!P
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Thanks for listening to all of them. I appreciate it.

All these songs are very rough. They'll definitely be tightened up on the official recordings. Hopefully they'll be awesome by the time they're done being worked on. I like your idea on how to end Ascension. There are ten unrecorded songs, so there are around thirteen songs total, which would be plenty for an album.

Sure, you can put vocals on it. It'll only be for fun though, because there's already a vocalist. You'll have to write your own lyrics though. However, feel free to download them and add whatever you'd like. Just don't steal em. :p

PM me any that you add growls to. I'd love to hear em.

I'm eating right now, but when I'm finished I'm gonna go listen to the rest of your songs.
It's likely going to be a mix. Nothing is finalized at the moment. It probably won't be deep growls, but more of a screaming. I don't even know if screaming is the right term for that style. I'm not all hardcore into terminology like a lot of people on this board. I'll hopefully be posting some vocalized versions in the future.