Hey i was wondering if anyone could give me sort of a more detailed outlook onto the reggae sound. recently i started listening to some bob marley and was quite confused on how to get that reggae sound?

from what i can gather is that reggae usually has an accentuated off-beat and syncopation with some swing??

not sure about the swing part. so can anyone help me?
swing means instead of
1 & 2 & 3 & 4

you have

1 (& a 2 (& a 3 (& a 4

Where the (& is a rest.
its a common rhythm for jazz drummers and its used a lot in reggae. In my opinion it gives the music a lazy feel.

Another common trick in reggae is for the drums to accent crotchet triplets, which is sorta difficult to describe online.

1 (& a (2) & (a) 3 (& a (4) & (a)

where the bracketed notes are rests.
Thanks for the guy above explaining what swing is. Just to add to it, it's uneven, say you're strumming, every downstrum is an equal space apart, and every upstrum is an equal space apart, but there isn't an equal space between downstrokes and upstrokes.
da-dada-dada-dada 1- &2 - &3 - &4 - &

Anyway, use swing. Use staccato (that's where you hit the strings and instead of lettnig them ring, you mute them quickly, like in that new (awful) pop song Rock and Roll by Eric Hutchinson). Use upstrokes of the pick. With chords, control the bass notes, maybe wrap your thumb around and just brush against the low strings (especially E) to partially mute them, but not on eevery note and not completely muted.
Spot on advices so far

Also a note for the TS: sadly (for some) reggae is not a guitar based genre, so recreating the feel on your own is probably impossible. The bass and the drums are the heart of this music, with the latter being probably the most important factor (the triplets on the hi-hat, Wailers-style is a classic for example). Also try Groundation for more advanced reggae style, especcialy Hebron Gate is a hell of an album.
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You have to let the beat lag.

Keep your rhythm guitar all on the upbeat, but not directly on the upbeat. You have to play slightly behind the beat. Almost as if your right hand was getting lazy.

It gives the song a super laid back, and relaxed kind of feel.
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