hey guys.

ive put the string in the saddle and its all fine.

i put the string through the machine head leave some slack and start winding and the string comes out of the machine head (this is the g string), or it doesnt increase tension it just looks horrible and gets tangled.

what am i doing wrong?
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1. De-tune all the strings a bit and release the nut lock then back off the bridge lock for the string you are changing.
2. remove the ball from the end of the string.
3. poke the remaining end into the lock
4. tighten the lock adjuster
5. Lay the string along the guitar
6. Place the string in the nut lock mechanism but do not tighten
7. Poke the end of the string through the machine post and make a 90 deg bend with a couple of inches of slack down the guitar.
8. You might want to knot the string end to the string below the machine head with unwound strings.
9. Tighten while holding the tension in your other hand.
10. When there is no more slack tune it up to near pitch.
11. Give the string a few pulls by hand ensuring it is sitting in the bridge and nut properly.
12. Tighten to full tune and re-tune the other strings as they slacken
13. Set the fine tuner to mid way and tune again
14. Start playing for a few minutes to play the string in.
15. Re-check the tuning and tighten the nut lock.
16. Re-tune again as locking the nut can tighten or loosen the string a bit.
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this is why i try to avoid floyd rose guitars
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this is why i try to avoid floyd rose guitars

dude if you actually read his problem you'll find that it's more of the tuning the string at the tuning peg rather the floyd itself
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this is why i try to avoid floyd rose guitars

-100. Useless post.

TS, did you "lock" the string by pulling it back over itself? Check the Floyd Rose sticky I think it explains it pretty well.
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