Hi, I'm looking at buying a Dean Dime-o-Flage ML. Alot of people say the pickups aren't that good. I'd would be interested in putting new PUPs right away if that statement is true. Now I know that Guitarfetish.com (GFS) sells some quality pickups for cheap. I'm interested in these: http://store.guitarfetish.com/gfsporacrpok.html Now I know that most of the people that buy GFS are blues/rock players, but these pickups are made for heavy metal (it states, at least). Do I trust GFS and buy one of these, or go for a DiMarzio X2N???? THANKS
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Never tested (and tasted ) both because I live in a country where it'll cost thousands probably however I've heard wonders about the DiMarzio PUPs but I've never heard of GFS ones. Why don't you search in youtube and compare them?
Myself, I would go for the DiMarzios, although the GFS ones aren't that bad apparently. I would also think about how much you are paying for the guitar, if it's good quality, you'd probably want to put good quality pups in it, no? I mean, if you have to save a bit longer for the pickup you want, surely you could put up with the "bad" pickup for a bit longer, as you get the benefit of a good one, just in a bit of a longer period of waiting.

Hope this helps.
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Try the pickups in the ML FIRST! You never know, you might like them. Just because some people on a website say they suck, doesn't mean they'll be bad for you.

And for the record, if that's the choice you have, go for the DiMarzio or look into Seymour Duncans or Bareknuckles.
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