so i've noticed d'addario offers a set of el. strings with 0.18 wound G
that thin... and it seems this string has tension comparable with plain one
so... bendability + good intonation?
has anyone tried them?
Great set, offers a good sound, hard as hell to bend that G though, it being wound.
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well it says it has tension about ~8 kg - it is almost as first and second string
and .24 wound G has ~12 kg tension
so i thought it could be more bendable
I have D'Addarios with a wound G on my Dean right now, OP, and they're pretty good. I much prefer it to a regular G. I don't find it any harder to bend, though.
I prefer the feel and sound of the wound G, but I found they break very easily.

This Guy is Stupid.
Super benders will hate wound G strings. Whole step bends are not nearly as easy.

I hate bending, rarely do it more than a half-step, so I love them.
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